The magic, romance,
As the clothes fall to the floor
A flush quick-rising
Paints smooth cheeks, open desire,
Hearts twined speed in beat, aglow.

Hardly able here
Now to stand apart, longing,
For warm arms, embrace,
Fully evident, high hopes,
Are revealed, alive, and real.

The words, the music,
Stolen moments, shared pastimes,
Have framed the structure –
Sound, fit, full of love, alight
Passion fashioned for delight.

Freedom together
Bonding, each kiss, touch, whispered,
“I Love You,” into
Places only two can go;
Belonging like never known.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I made this poem of conjoined tanka. I enjoy working with counted syllables.

Prompt: Explore a scene with an eye to creation.

Freshly washed clothes

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