Gifts Given

Day bleeds into night,
Dismissing darkness, nightmares,
Nothing unknown seems;
We stand formidable still
Courageous love, we instill.

We are all precious
Treasured in adversity,
Shining fixtures placed
With love fully embraced as
We are in reality.

Different – skyborne
Galaxies – with miracles
To share giving hope,
All is, ever shall be well,
We create much of our fate.

Holding each other
With full capacity of
Kindness, love, respect,
Reveals the heart of wisdom
Fulfilling hopes, making dreams.

Who we are always
Inspires cause to celebrate;
We – answered prayers –
Raised in ancestral days,
Pitching tents in paradise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Who are you? Who are we? Create…

Jelly Bird Beans
Chocolate Bunnies
Bagel Bites

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I hope you have an incredible week. God bless you.

Everything here, on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles, is
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

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