Endure despite all
The problems and obstacles
Let purpose endow
Conviction with energy
Needed to focus power
On those things achievable
By a diligent effort
Reroute when thrown off right course
Create survival motives
Keep going even after
Being beaten so badly
Giving up seems an option
Know the wait is rewarded
Failure is only teardrops
Watering the stubborn soil
Which must yield fruit, sweet success
Be positive, cheer tired hearts
Let passion flow unhampered
Use love to create bridges
Able to provide future
Safe passage to destinies
Building a saner, safer
World of opportunity
Where every person becomes
Full measure of potential
Claimed by grace and justified
According to Christ’s plan for
Whosoever will accept
Life is deeper than surface
It is all given for love
Creativity fashions
Abilities, gifts, talent
Tools to revive hope deferred
Whispering softly, “Endure!”


Gratitude List:

  1.   This poem was a blessing.
  2.   The hot dogs were tasty.
  3.   I got the kitchen and mail somewhat under control.
  4.   I am finally getting used to low temperatures in the house.
  5.   I have the prescriptions I need to allow me to function.
  6.   I have learned that being content is better than being miserable.
  7.   The Fiskars came out of the dishwasher looking as if they are okay.

I would like for you to go back to the poem, read it carefully, and notice that I did not use pronouns. I also omitted most punctuation, but that is only to call attention to the line breaks without the artificial direction punctuation imposes.

As a prompt, create work that does not include proper nouns or pronouns. It is not as easy as it may appear. If you are working in the visual arts, create something without referring to a proper noun or pronoun.

I made two entries today; I may kick back a bit. I hope you will explore other posts on Haphazard Creative. I try to make them informative and entertaining. If you like, click the follow button, or come back whenever you will. I want you to know I appreciate you taking time to read. Writing is my thing, and it is good to have an audience. I hope my work inspires and encourages you. Each of us needs all the positive reinforcement we can get. Be careful as you go about your day. Be aware, things happen, and sometimes we can prevent them merely by knowing what is around us. God Bless and Keep You, Always!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Smithereen Repair Technician


I have to keep it,
The mind arranged, strict in line,
Or else it goes to
Those unwanted places where
I lose myself, becoming
A prisoner I abhor.

I choose to be creative,
A person of images,
Made up of shining ideas,
But it is a persona
I buy by trading my soul,
Its price rich, it cost dear.

Words entrance and romance me,
I think I am free, but it
Is an illusion cast by
The fact I refuse to quit,
I survive, never give up,
Still, days try to destroy me.

I did not have a dollar
To purchase you a sweet rhyme,
Seems writing poems does little
Toward paying the bills, but hey,
It is okay, I can create
Something out of nothing, yet.

I have been doing that trick
So long I could compete with
David Copperfield, oh say,
Do you remember him, still?
There was a time I tried to
Become a magician, nope.

I think I am wandering
I wonder if you will follow,
There are dirt roads, highways, streets,
With hidden music, buried treats,
A jewelry box of sparkling gems,
Trips to work out at the gym.

I guess I will tie this up
Make raw ends meet and let you
Go away in pieces, peace,
Because such tragedy
It would be for you to be
Caught in my menagerie.

I am grateful:

  1.   I went to the meal at church and prayer meeting.
  2.   I can read.
  3.   I can maybe write.
  4.   I gave three throws away.
  5.   I have some fantastic ink pens.
  6.   I got a haircut Sunday.
  7.   My shower was hot.
  8.   I kinda like that poem out of nowhere, but then they all are, just that one is tricky.
  9.   The random card I pulled for the picture had good ones.
  10.   Doing this has lifted my spirits. I hope it makes you happy too.

Especially when things are incredibly rough for me, I count my blessings. It always amazes me what I have and things I have done. If you have not tried it, set aside at least one day per week that you make a list of thankfulness, some do it on Thursday. Thankful Thursday helps you see what the week has brought you and sends you into the weekend with a renewed sense of how fortunate you are.

For a prompt, the poem above is a one-off, I wrote it here without thinking it out or knowing where it would go, you do something similar. Put yourself on the spot to create something out of nothing. That is actually what all original art is, an instance of the imagination run wild.

I want to encourage you to consider whether you are true to your creativity. Do you allow your imagination to take over and carry you to wherever it will? Do you read extensively to feed your mind with ideas that challenge you and then percolate into new creations? Do you get enough downtime? Do you go places where life embraces you and engenders love in your heart?

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you gained something from the experience. There is a follow button you may make use of, or just come back as you can. Do try to employ your creativity as often as possible, it works for more than just arts and writing.

While you are out in our crazy world, take care. Share your love at every opportunity. God Bless and Keep You, Always.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Artful Joy, Agony



If we forego what
Is destroying me right now
And look positive,
We see the cards written with
A heart unable to turn
Back time and resurrect one
Who loved utterly, mother;
The shallow spout platitudes, that firsts
Are hardest, understanding
Nothing about investment.
These Valentines are a gift
Polished in her memory
With hope to brighten the day
For someone who needs the love
Given with no expectation
Of any return, for there
Is none, the heart bleeds rivers,
Only words are left to carry
Life beyond all tragedy,
Some holy words, God-given,
Some created words forged here
In a mind that will not accept
Defeat, love and love and love
Will win, carry this long day
Into the next and further
Into a future where tears
Will buy living memory
And help a soul survive itself.
I am part stardust, dragon,
Feather, ink, paper, bone, strong
Enough to rise into skies
Streaked with morning’s hesitating dew
Washing me a new foundling
As the light pours over me
Burnishing my skin with color
Appearing evanescent,
I am hers, always, but life
It calls me to linger fondly
Carrying on brightly with purpose
She planted in me, even leaving,
There is no escape from who
I am made, drawn, charged to be.
The oceans wave, the moon reflects,
The stars in their orbits remain,
And I, forever, a poet
Shall be, with words, worlds, to spin,
Stories to complete and tell,
Until I reach Heaven where
Once more her embrace will enfold me
And I shall find my treasured peace.


I hope that this evening finds you well, and covered by happiness. As a prompt, if you have lost someone or something you feel empty without, take that feeling and expound on it, but also celebrate your honor to survive and create a legacy.

I think a lot of legacies these days, and I feel mine is cheapened by worthlessness, but there are so many things that contend against that negative surmise. I suppose we never know what treasures will be garnered from what we leave. Just now, I only hope that I can illuminate the day for someone with encouragement and inspiration, because really, what is better than that. If you can lift the spirits of another person who is treading in the gray of desperation, fear, loneliness, then you have spared a world of loss potential and given a gift that may generate lasting greatness.

I am grateful:

  1.    For bread and honey.
  2.    For salted chips.
  3.    For hot showers.
  4.    For dishwashers.
  5.    For puppy dog kisses.
  6.    For a bed that does not always require making.
  7.    For fuzzy footies.
  8.    For things stockpiled over years that are now seeing use.
  9.    For icemakers.
  10.    I have been given more gifts than I can employ and the capacity for joy.

What will you share with the world that you feel too costly to spare, but nevertheless know is your obligation?

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you found inspiration or encouragement and that you become more productive for the time spent here. There is a follow button you may use, or just come back when you are able. Make sure you share the expression of your love with those you hold dear at every opportunity. The world is an uncertain place, and you never know the future. As you go about your day be aware, it could save you trouble. Being safe is most important. Take risks, but manage them within control. God Bless and Keep You, All The Time!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Statement, May Be Fact

#1 2017-12-31 Profile Picture

This sad, this bad,
It is not mine,
I will not accept
Who it says I am;
What it demands
That I become.
I shall break free,
Move away;
Choose another path
Far removed, gone.
I make myself,
My time, capturing joy,
I am happy,
I am whole,
I am now, always,
I exude love,
I am original creativity,
I share blessings,
I am courageous, real,
I am space, time,
And I give myself to You.

I am grateful:

  1.   I felt better today.
  2.   I was able to get up out of the floor.
  3.   Life has ups as well as downs.
  4.   This is only a part of who I am.
  5.   The process of editing photos helps regulate my mood.
  6.   Some pain can be well hidden.
  7.   Classical music is conducive to clear thinking.

As a prompt, take several minutes and then formulate a statement that reflects who you are this moment. If you are a visual artist, perhaps create a self-portrait or symbolic representation of your inner and outer-self combined.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. Follow if you like, or come back as you can. Live the best you can and overcome the circumstances that trouble you, however, you may. Honor living as you will. Take good care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Cohesive Integrity of Creativity


Tough subject, this one, survival. What happened to you, all the nasty things you hate, regret, are not you. You are a creative being with unlimited potential. You are the person you chose to become up to this point and who you choose to be going into the future. Every moment presents itself, a blank, for you to fill with your original being and vision.

I am a survivor, but I am no longer a victim. I do not choose to pick the blood and bone out of its crypt, nor enshrine the pain in a display case. It is enough you know I know that isolated country no one chooses.

Dealing with abuse is a marathon that never ends, but we must not allow it to define us. We are shining individuals who invest ourselves in adventures, missions, relationships, and endeavors delivering us into the bright light where creative possibility can usher us into life’s center.

If you still struggle, embrace yourself with enough love, the same quality, and quantity of love you lavish on others allowing your brokenness to be transformed into compelling life-affirming activity. You can wrench beauty out of darkness by employing your creativity in the face of past adversity.

We must somehow forgive those who spitefully used us and lay aside our distaste of ourselves for having little or no power for defense. I do not mean these abusers are no longer accountable, time will have its way. Forgiveness does not exonerate those who damaged us, but it frees us from the adverse effects that can long poison our hearts, souls, minds, and spirits; such as bitterness, hate, inner strife, and vicious longings for vengeance. Our years should be spent in as much love, joy, happiness, creative productivity, and comfort as our lives can procure, not bound by ordeals long over.

Drive the energy of release, revival, into purposeful creative work that can impact the world in the way you wish. Build a marvelous fortress of ultimate glory and beauty on the framework that survived sieges of oppression.

I know it is not easy to claim freedom from the negative stories embedded in our minds. In all likelihood, there will be days when we cannot drag ourselves beyond the abyss of our terrors, our unresolved feelings of hurt and regret, but we were made with creative minds, endowed with imagination, able to change who we are. We must embrace the love, power, and will, that will take us to the pinnacle of success.

When the trials are over; when our escape is arranged; when done is done; we are free, at least as much as we choose to be.


Bytes of Gratitude:

  1.   This is Friday.
  2.   Days do not repeat.
  3.   The cold will eventually end.
  4.   Things cannot always go wrong.
  5.   My covers are soft and warm.
  6.   When all else fails, there is chocolate.
  7.   Who I am today is not who I will always be.

As a prompt, write down some things you have faced that have dealt with you in such way that you have become stronger. Weave the gleanings into a story, poem, or work of art.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. You may click the follow button, or I hope you will come again soon. I hope I handled the material above with sensitivity. I do not mean to demean or dismiss anyone’s experience. I have, however, learned that for us to live healthy productive, proactive lives that we must use the tools we have, to form us into people of power. I firmly believe creativity is one of the most efficacious of the weapons provided in our arsenals. Sometimes I wish I had the scope to be a help to those dealing with the worse of the destruction, but no.

This world can be what we hope when we become the people of hope we wish to be. Be careful, smile, and create.

You did not breed it
But you alone have fed it,
Now just set it free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan