Eleven Haiku and Other…

Today is a day where I tried to catch up reading some periodicals. I cleaned part of the cupboard and wrote several haiku as well.

I write a lot of haiku, it is like singers singing scales, a warm-up. Although often it turns out haiku are the full product.

I have been thinking of working some other forms, but forms are complicated at times. I like what I know. Most of us are not incredibly fond of change, even though it is a constant.

Anyway, here are some haiku from my journal, I decided not to inflict my handwriting on others today.

  1. The village remains
    Empty, all humans are fled
    The owl sings who songs.
  2. Pleasure greater than
    Life’s intermittent agony
    Is the goal we seek.
  3. The rain leaves imprints
    On all the drabbest fallen,
    For Winter prevails.
  4. We are here awhile
    Our time fast slipping away,
    Swift moments, hours, days.
  5. Not today will you
    See that fragile hurting face,
    My smile is in place.
  6. Why can we not be
    Happy with the small pleasures
    But have to chase more?
  7. Feeling guilty when
    There exists no right reason,
    Always in the thoughts.
  8. No, I will not go
    On my own so far from home,
    I’m meant for this place.
  9. The smile lit his eyes
    A brighter glittery hue,
    Inhibition flew.
  10. Fear like crocodiles
    Can tear into everyone
    Without fair warning.
  11. When love gives a nod
    Calling you out for its own,
    Never run away.


If you are not writing haiku, you should. The form is excellent for expressing an emotion or image. Questions, leave a comment.

A lot of the pictures I use I take on the property. It is mostly fallow now and somewhat overgrown. This field often used to contain wild turkeys. I have seen none recently, but they probably still visit.

I am still exploring art in the hope of regaining my former skill. The piece below is based on a dog toy, but I took a bit of poetic license, so it lacks reality. I never was fond of still-life. I am a bit of a fantasist.

A Prompt: Write some haiku, draw a picture, take photos, bead, dance, do anything creative. Let your muse run loose.

All the best to everyone. God Bless. Remember happiness is a state of mind, you can choose more of it in your life if you are lacking.

2020-01-14_Dragon Toy

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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