My Purple Pen

There are times, places,
Avoided by almost all
Who choose, because we wish
But confrontation, conflict
Experience, which will never be.
Strife presents in
So many situations,
Being a cumulative fact,
A sign circumstance must
Bend with change.
Growth is destiny, even
When forced, violent,
But peace is hoped, dared to pray,
For loss is not a price
Ever to be paid.
We dance our lines – listen,
Consonants beg humbly
Vowels murmur softly
Blend resonant voices
Among mere mortal entreaties;
The most possible, impossible
Liberty for every person, entity,
Who lives and will in
The future survive,
The story to continue
Injustice, inhumanity to quell:
Happiness, love, peace…

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, do something different in your creative practice. If you work mostly on devices, go analog; use pens, change them about; work inside, go out. Variety can kick your brain into a different mindset. If you like share what develops.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. Your participation means a great deal to me. If you would like, please follow the site, alternatively come back as you will.

It is my hope that you are doing well and that even in this strange year you are making progress toward your goals. Life is a fascinating adventure when you dive into what comes.

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