Late Entry

Adventures with my fountain pen continue. It came apart again, and I could not get the nib out of the lid. I got some help, and it now works for the time being—what an experience.

Do you use tools that complicate creative endeavors? Do you have a story?

Haiku, anyone? Write some. Here are two of mine.

Dreams begging to come
True, all depend on you, me,
To make them our own.

What we most desire
Is never beyond our reach
If we chase it down.

I have a few prompts that maybe will get you primed for creation:

If you were warned about 2020 in 2019 or before, what would you have done differently?

If fire threatens your home, which ten items would you most want to take with you, your family, and pets? Someone I asked said ten rooms, which is extremely clever. I meant items.

If you are in the US, what is your plan if those you wish to win the election do win? If not?

I am trying to focus on creativity a bit more; I hope that it is attractive and encourages you to work.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Ready, Set, Klutz

I am a bit of a pen collector, even an aficionado, but do not trust me with fountain pens. I caution you to steer clear when I am in possession of one of these wondrous instruments.

Moments ago, I intended to remove the cap and use my Moonman, which fills with an eye-dropper, so it has a copious amount of ink. It did not go as planned. I instead opened the reservoir and poured ink all over the floor and myself, of course. As small as the ink containment is, it would seem the spatter would be minimal, but hey, black ink.

I have friends who are experts with fountain pens. I am not. I try. See, I want to be good with them, but I have horrendously comical experiences with them at almost every attempt.

I get almost the same results with rollerball pens, and I make less mess. I will not give up on the fountains; I will get okay with this; it is pens – I do ink pens.

As a prompt: Do you have a tool that defies your best efforts? Create something to celebrate your relationship.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan