2022 Creativity Project – Day 29

© Jo Ann J.A. Jordan


Even though I took
Pills, sleep was temporary,
Stranger to my bed
Taking me for some trouble
Disturbing blankets cover.
Someone other needs
To take all these things over,
Is more vibrant a demand
Than any competency.
Tunnels brisk ended
Further moves cannot be made,
Impossible is
Given upon blocking up
Paths beyond this here today.

Your life is full-bore those things you need to create. Catch it; take the shot.

Gratitude List
1. Reading
2. Choosing to do this no matter how I feel.
3. Central heat.

I thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. Yesterday’s entry was grand though I posted it early. Click the like button, follow the site, come back when you care to do so. Recommend the site to those you think might like it. Blessings.

©Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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