By Way, High Way

2020-04-15_By Way_High Way

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

So much of what you read gets its first run on these pages from my pen. Sometimes I think maybe seeing the process, rough, will encourage you others to engage your creativity. It is always my hope and delight to have the opportunity to encourage and inspire. Today has been very productive. I love days when the writing does not stop.

If you would like a prompt, think about how you can recover the zeal of new love in either a relationship or some creative endeavor and make something representative.

I appreciate your visit here at Haphazard Creative and hope you will follow the site or come back often. I am in the midst of my 2020 Creativity Project, which requires at least one post per day here. Somehow committing to that has set me up with much more work than I have done before.

Your comments are welcome. I try to answer them all promptly.

I hope you are dealing well with the pandemic. This is an incredible time.

Thank you, and many blessings to you. Keep writing and creating.

In The Moment

We have no time to
Spend in the past, memory,
We must invest in
What is at this time present
For now is here, happening.

Tomorrow may be
What is coming, but it is
Still a day away –
Today, with its dire troubles
Or sweet pleasures, is enough.

Yesterday ashes,
Tomorrow draped in clouds, mist,
We will live this day,
Building, realizing dreams
With our best abilities.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



There is no need to
Hideaway except inside
The circle of love.


I found wild roses
In a color burst beneath
Branches over me.


Where we go from here
We may not know every proof;
The bridge back is closed.


Some things are given,
Others are taken away,
Smile just for this day.


Love as if you have
Only this moment to care,
Never look away.


Be the trip taken
Beyond every one’s unknown,
Lead each heart to love.


Difference is spice
Added to the great banquet,
Where all are at home.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


You, I Need…

I need you…
Like all the quilts tonight.
I need you…
Like the pen with which I write.
I need you…
Like the heat of a shower.
I need you…
Like a cooler swallow of water.
I need you…
Like a rose within the hedge.
I need you…
Like another taste of chocolate.
I need you…
Like a song I often sing.
I need you…
Now and forever, here with me.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Never far out of mind, but always beyond reach.


Ah Well, Love…

If your smile were money
We could free the world of poverty.
If your voice were music
The concert would last endlessly.
If you chose to become a model
Applause would greet you each runway.
If you acted upon the gilded screen
The best lines would find your role.
If you took my hand in yours
You would own my heart immediately.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I get silly when I stay up. Then when do I not stay up? Anyway, I was playing with words. I think, though, this might make a good Valentine.