A lot of females have difficulty with body image. Mine is atrocious. I just had an epiphany: I have not colored my hair in like six months, maybe more. I wanted to let it grow out, but the truth is, I am unlikely to like my self at all until I do my hair.

I feel younger; I like my clothes more. I take better care when my hair is a color I want. I colored my hair in elementary school. Lots of times, I will quit for years. This is not happy. I must have some joy to wage the fight against my poundage.

It is essential because I play like a seventeen-year-old at times. There is a reason for that, it was when I had my first psychotic break, and in-process nearly died and almost did not come back.

So there is your sign. I am hopeful the color is still usable, and I am going to bring me back. This happens to be the time fate has decreed that I learn to do this without drips, my smocks, I guess they went into another dimension.

The photo is unretouched.

As a prompt, if you know there is something you can do to elevate your mood and self-esteem, get about doing it. I know it takes courage. I believe in you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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