Oh Yes, Books

“…However formidable they are, books, my dear, are just sparks. The fire is only lit where there’s wood to kindle, so to speak.” – The Binder of Lost Stories by Cristina Caboni


These are a few books that travel to the common areas and back to the bedroom every day because I am sometimes reading them.

Against the Storm

They say I have too
Many books, I say there would
Be more, could I afford another.
They say give them away,
Would it not be pleasant for others
To get the benefit of reading?
I say, maybe had I read them all,
And were not most writing, art,
Creativity tomes that I always need.
They say you can get them on Kindle,
I say and pay again, oh, not these
First editions, they are priceless.
They say if you have not read them
By now you will not ever do it,
I say I am getting around to them
Over time and time again,
They say the floor is going
To collapse and you fall through,
I mean, it has not yet, and I doubt
Sincerely it ever will.
The argument goes on and on
And even the Supremes could not
Declare a winner, because part
Of what holds me together is reading
Books when my mind is stormy weather.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I figure if I leave off reading library books, I might read all of mine in a hundred years, maybe two hundred. I give some I finish away.


51 In A Month – Be LOVE


Moments and moments,
Sourced by the Savior, precious
Beyond our counting,
We only gain what we can give
In loving others who need.

Opening hearts, minds,
In service gives us riches,
Money cannot match,
People, everyone, priceless;
Called as vessels of Light.

Shine day-bright before
Those hidden in the darkness,
Help captives break free;
We must be the hello, where
Some never dare to reach, go.

Let every woman,
Child, and man, understand Love
Is with them always,
No matter what sunken depths;
There is a plan, Love, freedom.

Not one forgotten,
Not one without care, nor lost,
We bring peace, hope, Love,
Because we were once without
Help, but we were rescued, found.

No matter our place
We can be kind, reassuring,
To someone yearning
For a friend, confidant; Love
Is the greatest gift we share.

Then Jesus can step
In, and through Love bring one
To Him over time,
We sow Love, sometimes harvest
Comes by infinite degrees.

The purpose of my 2020 Creativity Project is to work creatively every day. I did not set out to do multiple posts. It amazes me that some days I churn out material like a milkmaid. Honestly impressed, though I know some posts went unread. I try to decide what is wrong with those, but I do not get it. I have no magic to force visibility.

As a prompt, I challenge you to lay aside your dejection, depression, or bad mood, should you have one. Go out of your way to brighten up someone’s day. Maybe the drive-thru employee, the overworked clerk, the stranger who looks too sad, put on a smile and a bit of cheer and treat them like a celebrity. Afterward, see how you feel and create something about your experience. You know, all of us have baggage, we just need to help each other carry on.

I am grateful:

  1. Sometimes I can believe in me, even though I under-achieve and fail to live up to my potential.
  2. God does not create any junk.
  3. Things work out better than planned once in a while.
  4. I have a wonderful son, even though I irritate him. He is a good one.
  5. It is Friday, and I may or may not post again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Little Pleasantries

Nothing showy you all, just little things. Firstly, I did not want to go to town (anywhere not in the woods), today. Alex has been visiting his father and left Goobi, the cat, with my dogs and me. Goobi needed food. The city was necessary; I could not allow Goobi to starve.

It was not raining, which I have mentioned we are in the “rainy season.” The Explorer, though somewhat dirty, was not as bad as I expected. Alex and Maui have used it extensively. Mostly there are white hairs and footprints, but I was pleasantly surprised. The tank was almost empty, and that was about $35, but the station was not crowded, and it went smoothly.

I went to Kroger and picked up a few things, then got directed to the cat food. A three-pound bag was almost $12. Then I looked again, the tag said a limited quantity only this flavor was $3.60 per three-pound bag. This was Nutro Salmon and Brown Rice. There were two bags, but one was all the way at the back. My short self tried to reach it, a no-go. I walked up the aisle and saw nothing with length to it, and there seemed to be a shortage of available tall humans. I really like tall humans, they are handy. I keep one when I can. I looked the other way and saw some lint brushes. I was not sure these were sufficient, but anything is worth a try once, almost. I stood on the bottom shelf. You have seen short people doing this. I am sure I do not recommend it, but desperate times… I managed to snag the food. My way of seeing things, God set that up for me.

I went to Dairy Queen for an M&M Blizzard as a truly nutritional lunch. When the owner’s son gave me my receipt, he told me to do the survey, and he would give me a large blizzard for the cost of a medium, which is not what the paper says, but I know some people.

Alex was not with me, so I was not on a mission at Sam’s Club, and I browsed around as I do. Checking stock, checking prices, dreaming over books. I talked to a lady over the grapes. Sam’s likes to move things around and confuse customers. We talked about how their produce is superior to Kroger’s, and she agreed. I had discussed my theory on that with Alex, and without trotting it out, the lady’s experience agreed with my thoughts. We talked for several minutes, and it was delightful. Then when I went to leave, she said, “God Bless You!” I returned it with my own, but it felt so good to have an utter stranger bless me.

Another lady was looking at coffee, and I asked her which kind she liked. She said most anything, just not designer flavored coffees. She walked away, but when I came to the end of the aisle, she told me her real thing was creamers. We talked some more, and we were both smiling and pleased with the conversation.

The thing is I have severe social anxiety, and I am working on it by talking to strangers. It is fun, but the overthinking afterward, I could leave off.

I came home and got over-heated going in and out of a 57-degree house. Then I got cold. Because the propane will not deliver until Monday, I turned the central heat to 65. Then I decided to rock out to Newsboys and had to turn the heat off.

Life is amazing. People are so precious, beautiful.

God goes before us. We are loved.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan





I ride the swirling
Ocean of unsought feelings
Forever wishing
I could harness the thunder
Of waves upon a rocky shore.

I, and me, argue
No compromise becomes
Myself, for a writer, must
Continually create.

The self, a work left,
For God, in holy wisdom,
To manifest who
I may become through permit,
Gifted creativity.

I am haunted, chased,
By dreams unresolved, tossed,
Upon the heaping
Pile of what might once have been,
Bartering, to begin again.

This storm, this battle,
I in Him will place my trust,
Whatever comes, must,
I shall stand though opinion
May dissuade, I will believe.

There is, and now shall always
Be a future for those like me.

I originally came here this evening to inform you who read due to lack of response, 2020, has been canceled. Fortunately, that is beyond my power. However, my 2o2o Creativity Project – 365, can come to a screeching halt with the application of my intention.

Perhaps it would be better to do it privately, but I seem to dislike that idea. Here, you find me still.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I see all these things about giving up technology for money, but all are hypothetical. None really say they have the money. I think they know they would lose. My pets, pens, books, journals, and typewriter would keep me. Without cash in hand, though, best leave my stash alone.

Keep well. Find pleasure. Be better than yesterday.

See ya.