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Once I cleared my head,
My heart began singing love,
Grateful for all things.


No consequence without
Acting to lift the package,
The heart
A crane building homes
Within lanes of thought,
Given encouragement,
To grasp creativity
With every part.
Daring to grow higher,
Beyond each chain, pain,
Locking cages of timidity.
Now prepared to bolt
Like a Mustang who owns
The land touched by
The free pounding wildness
Of hooves
Never shod, trampling
Dust into golden clouds
Shining like a priceless
To be the one who leads
From laments to choruses
Of elation
Bringing all toward elevation
Where the carefully crated
Surprise is unbound, revealing
To all who are knowingly
Seeking to encompass
More, abound.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Amid Winter’s chilling cold, add imagery that evokes a time of warmth to your creation.

Gratitude is Priceless:
Being invited to Richard’s and spending time with him.
Energy drinks.
Diet Cokes.

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As you go through your days, I hope you find delights that thrill your soul. Life is a banquet we should come into with excitement. Be well, be blessed.

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