The World, The Ways

Entry Four – 2023 Creativity Project

Too Sweet! – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Where I find myself quite infatuated with playing the words.

Journal Page – © Jo Ann J. A.Jordan

I commented in an earlier entry on how one might find themselves caught up amid my procedure.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan – Journal Page
Journal Page – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Thankful List

I am Grateful:

1.  The lights have stayed on with very little flicker.
2.  The rain let up enough, the dogs and I did not get too severely soaked on their walks.
3.  Pens – indeed, I advised you, I am a fan of all things PEN!
4. My brand of Chicken Cooked Pasta.
5. I am doing well with curbing my diet soda habit.

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May God Bless You and Yours Always!

Always & Ever,
Jo Ann

Making It Happen

When writing or art comes straight through the Muse (Creativity), it is easy to create, but it becomes a more complicated process when the inspiration dries up. One has to reach deeper, think harder, be more persistent, and attempt coaxing imagination out to play.

This state is not ideal. There is not a full-blown block, but work becomes a challenge.

Writers may find helpful short forms like haiku or tanka. Different locations may inspire many. Meeting and socializing with a variety of people can inspire unique perspectives. All creatives could benefit from novel experiences that inform creation. Craft books are often useful. Reading, video, and music can enchant and educate us, bringing fresh material to mind.

For those who engage in daily practice, continuing is essential. As in all things, one’s mastery benefits from not giving up.

Habits of calm and quiet can also induce states conducive to the breaking of creativity into consciousness. To slow down, invoke peace, still the racing of body and mind facilitates copious production.

Taking leave from the busyness of screens makes room for thoughts unbiased by advertisement, frantic activity, and media to surface. Constant immersion in the digital world can sometimes drain away originality.

Conversation with family, friends, and others may also add filler to the well. Long walks with rapt attention to surroundings can awaken capacities often drown in routine.

Always remember, love and creativity, though perhaps muted, are present. Do not quit. Capture hope, ideas, joy, for those are available and plentiful when actively pursued.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Pick something from the article above and immediately add it to your practice.

Salad by Richard – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Visiting Richard, conversation, food, moments.
Coming home allows less tension and stressful feelings.
Not physically disciplining the Wookie for destroying my cushion.
My command center.
Talking to Alex and Reba.

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All materials are © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Add Lift

Once I cleared my head,
My heart began singing love,
Grateful for all things.


No consequence without
Acting to lift the package,
The heart
A crane building homes
Within lanes of thought,
Given encouragement,
To grasp creativity
With every part.
Daring to grow higher,
Beyond each chain, pain,
Locking cages of timidity.
Now prepared to bolt
Like a Mustang who owns
The land touched by
The free pounding wildness
Of hooves
Never shod, trampling
Dust into golden clouds
Shining like a priceless
To be the one who leads
From laments to choruses
Of elation
Bringing all toward elevation
Where the carefully crated
Surprise is unbound, revealing
To all who are knowingly
Seeking to encompass
More, abound.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Amid Winter’s chilling cold, add imagery that evokes a time of warmth to your creation.

Gratitude is Priceless:
Being invited to Richard’s and spending time with him.
Energy drinks.
Diet Cokes.

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As you go through your days, I hope you find delights that thrill your soul. Life is a banquet we should come into with excitement. Be well, be blessed.

So It Is

The trees are now bare
Branches like fingers pointing
Out the emptiness
Of a sky bleached free without
Any pigment, adding soul.
Still in hallowed halls
Voices state more exists here
Than unreasoning fate,
Life is meant in love, faith, real
Enough to cite deep fortunes.
Us, never alone
Though feeling nothing describes
Our hearts time betwixt
One moment in company
Or darkness in hours apart.
A well of sky swells
Incomplete, because though there,
Stars cannot be seen,
Sun-drenched heavens obscure all
That remains, always being.
We, expecting more,
Find, however, hard we look
Somehow we are blind
Because experience steals
Our senses toward what we feel.
Even names in our dreams
Though given, known, lived – disperse
Into fog forgot
When eyes are closed, we are not,
But feelings of urgency.
On the ground, brown grass
Waits the awakening brought
By calendar turns
Where warmth swift begins, returns,
Like embraces of one beloved.

Words are love, life, the making of reality. Explore using creativity to express things you wish to see but hardly know. See how far you can stretch belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I had a wonderful lunch with Richard.
I returned home.
Wookie had not wholly destroyed things, though she made inroads toward it.
Music, singing, dance.
Strawberry Crème Cheese Danishes.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Happy Place

I am in my happy place with Richard, which is a great relief. He is cooking a ham slice. I arranged my set up here. I always come with devices and supplies.

Today was a stressful day, so I am enjoying being here.

I have some photos from the cooking.

Pre Cooking Ham
Somewhat Instructions

Make real-life your creative practice, like a show and tell from kindergarten. Be you because you are the best.

Finished Ham

Alex got more of his homesteading done.
Richard called and said I could visit when I wanted.
It took me a long time, but I made it here.
I dropped the books that were racking up fees at the library dropbox.
I got all of the ten loads of laundry I did yesterday sorted.

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