Four Pages

Including front and back, I have four more pages in this journal. If you journal or keep a notebook, you may know what that is like. As I get closer to the end of the book, the excitement begins. I want to rush, so I can retire this journal. Put paid to all the pages, what I accomplished, and those things I left undone.

It may seem silly, but it has always been this way for me. I try hard to stay with one notebook to completion, but it becomes a test of will. This has been an eventful journal. It has seen me through the Coronavirus Isolation and surprises unexpected.

Often what you see here is birthed in the pages on which I write by hand. Sometimes those thoughts are edited as they are transcribed, and often, they come straight up.

I recommend journaling to creatives as a safe place to percolate what you wish to make. I go back and find the books I was reading had an influence; my health told my page count, who and where I visited showed up in lines I might only realize at a distance. You can keep a line by line journal, a creative journal, a gratitude journal, or anything other and combination you choose. I do believe it will increase your output due to the many ideas that will make your acquaintance there.

I doubt I make 56 posts on Haphazard Creative for May. I have fallen a bit behind. A lot is going on just now in my reality. I have been busier than I have in some time.

At least, I will finish my journal. I have to choose a new one. That will be a difficulty, there are many here. Maybe I will call on you all for advice. Do you like things like this? Ah, you may consider it so much useless la-te-da, it is okay. We are not all alike, and it is to our advantage that way. The differences in us make us more beautiful gifts to each other.

I should get a reading list up sometime soonish. I keep a separate journal for reading books. Amazon is pushing for me to go back to GoodReads and also to do reviews, they can ask, I think I am not doing. I will do reviews of the most sketchy kind on here.

Well, I think I should go. I hope you have an evening filled with joy, and whatever most pleases you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


When Becoming

Inside the self where
All the thrust resides and builds
As hunger occurs
There hide those sweet, warm pleasures;
The keeping of life throughout.
Creativity we each
Stand sometimes alone,
But loneliness is a free
Boundary designed to transcend.
Heaven’s gates not far
From we who contemplate soft
Sounds of quiet taste
Recommending love every
Cell can fully share abroad.
We do not succumb
To the devices some others
Place before our face
We react as freedom’s agents
Giving of the things needed
That all everyone
Has to accomplish aided
Each along varied paths
Reaching together we come
Into the lightened place
Where dreams are made our full truth
And love nurtures us.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, May 25, 2020

Notes in Line O5/22/20

The face you can see
Is an open window to
The heart, mind, and soul,
But when you turn, walk away,
You block out the light of day.


Maybe I cannot
Walk today because of pain,
But if I must crawl
To come beside, with, you here
It will be small price to pay.


No one loves me, you,
As does the Savior who gave
Up Heaven for us,
Giving His life, sacrifice,
To buy us eternity.


What seems so simple
Is the love finally found
Within friendship bound.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sometimes I have things leftover in my journal that for some reason I did not share. These are some of those.

A Poem, Hypothetical

You think my saying,
“I LOVE You,” too strongly calls
On your commitment,
But you do not understand
Love is how I navigate
A world so beyond
My feeble ability
To exert control.
Yes, you are unique, alright,
But if I lose you, it is.
I will hurt, maybe, bleed within,
I will cry, but I will go on,
Into the future
Knowing no mistake destroys
The heart unless one withholds
Love when it wishes
To break free and start clinging,
Close with someone so dear
There is no walking away,
It fills forever – every day.
So, my love, be sure,
I stand beside you engaged;
Body, heart, mind, soul,
Strong enough to withstand all you
Are willing to share, impart.
No fragile new bloom
Needing protection from doom
Am I, I survived
Much more than any may guess
I am able and can be.
I would be yours while
You desire closeness to me
But should our hearts change
I will say goodbye, go then my
Way presently, to somewhere
I can find enough of peace
To resurrect my hopes, grasp hold
Capture life’s threads once again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Love is no fairytale, it is an endurance race. The further a couple runs, the more force exerts itself against them.

Life exists as an experiment, a trial run of loving. When we love, we shelter the planet from unrewarding efforts.


Nothing here, notice,
No heart, breaking for others
Do not believe
In the magic of what we
Evidently understand.
These mountains
We have climbed higher,
Than we need, want, wish,
To ever onward go, on,
The stars light our eyes,
We cannot blink, weep,
Because it might disappear,
Caught on the mighty whirlwind
That seeks only, destruction,
But finds us invulnerable.
We souled out, brought
In intense emotional warfare
Showing our weakness, stronger
Again, than even ever before.
As capable wings above
Those toppings we struggled
Nests, homes, defended like
Fortresses soldiered with courage,
We became us, and more
We believed creation carried in it
To share; for LOVE,
We knew it bigger,
Unscripted, available anywhere.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan