The local library, a crucial resource


In the quest to nurture our creativity the local library is one of the best places to begin. A library is a shrine to the expression of creative ideas. We can find the most current material or work which has come down through the centuries. All of it produced by humans similar to ourselves, giving us reassurance that our work can become a legacy shared through time and space. The greatest way to become immortal and affect history is to create something lasting.

Most libraries today are multimedia delights. These bastions of knowledge and entertainment contain books, eBooks, audiobooks, recordings, film, music, artwork to carry home and display for some time, computers for public use, Wi-Fi to connect our personal devices, and even more. Libraries are almost limitless with their ability to procure materials beyond their scope through an inter-library loan. Often talented community volunteers offer classes which teach new skills. Some workshops are also available at modest cost.

Librarians are a resource that our technology cannot rival. These specially trained, often highly educated, gatekeepers of the treasures we desire can provide and suggest materials with a  personal touch that no machine can match. They are well familiar with the assets within their domain, and they have the expertise to recommend interesting resources or quickly find whatever we need to locate. Love your librarians, if you can make friends with them.

The best advantage of a library is all it has to offer is ours to access without cost, absolutely free. There is no better deal on earth and should you not have a library card, make it a priority to get one.

Be advised libraries are places where one can while away a substantial amount of time, so plan accordingly.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moving Beyond Our Hurts

Pricked finger

Reaching for a rose
Pricked by the well-hidden thorn
Blood pours from the wound,
Just as the heart when rebuffed
Becomes a festering sore.

Only sheer strength, love,
Can heal spirit when we lose
Hope to carry on,
We must create new meaning,
New reasons for survival.

Each one of us can
Turn our failure, loss, defeat,
Into beginnings
That take us from one chapter
To another, holding dreams.

We are stars, windows
Lit by candles, captives freed,
Joy embodied, friends
To be discovered, visions
Of success, hope; creatives.

We can change our world
Molding it into something
Representing love,
Challenging others to make
A difference with their lives.

We may be tiny
Compared to the universe,
But our lives matter;
Every one significant
Filled with creativity.

Our festering sores
When exposed, opened, revealed
To the light of love
Can heal, making us become
Ambassadors of great joy.

In situations
We can choose dreams or darkness,
We create our lives;
With every breath, heartbeat,
Possibility arrives.

We must reach beyond
What we imagine limits
Us, becoming more
So our dreams surround our hope
Creating shared happiness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, September 8, 2017

Sometimes life is hard

2000 Why Am I Alive0001

Sometimes nurturing our creativity is difficult, life can pull the earth out from under us making us question who we are, why we exist, what the meaning of this experiment is. A loved one dies, a relationship breaks, we are dismissed from a job that we allowed to define us, a natural disaster destroys our sense of safety or any number of other stressful situations, and suddenly we question our identity.

At these times reviving our love of life and recovering a sense of purpose can be much easier if we embrace our creative selves. Maybe we do not feel capable of anything special, maybe all we can do is write one sentence, one line, draw stick figures, take a photograph of our shoes, sing in the shower at this point anything we do can lead us away from despair and losing touch with our inner balance.

Creativity is an expression of involvement in and love of life. When we are grasping at reasons to go on, we can do something for someone else and lift ourselves up. We can write letters or emails to faraway friends and family members. We can help a child draw a picture. We can take pictures of loved ones, print them, and give them to others who will treasure them. We can record a message for someone who lives at a distance. We can knit, crochet, or string beads. Anything we create is moving in the direction of fulfillment.

Do not entertain the thought of giving up. We are precious, each one a masterpiece, capable of works of genius. There is no reason that we cannot recover from our wounds and move into the future with hope. Nothing can destroy us unless we give it power over us and through our creative nature we wield power to make life what we dream it can be. There is a purpose to every life event that so humbles us, we must discover the gifts and bring those gems into our present and future moments. Creativity is a prime mover toward becoming whole and self-sufficient again.

We must be strong, embrace our dreams, believe we are capable of greatness, express our gratitude for what remains, and engage life with a creative desire to improve our lives and those of all others.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


True Genius


The present is ripe
With great opportunity
If you realize
Your potential every day
Of this wonderful lifetime.

You are able to
Use your creativity
To enrich the lives
Of your friends, family, and
Even the strangers you meet.

Your abilities
Are astonishing presents
To share with the world
If you are really willing
To give the gift of yourself.

Every minute is
Yours to explore and expand
Through your great talents,
Sharing imagination
With the rest of the planet.

Humanity waits
Upon your fine decision
To allocate your
Endowments in enriching
The existence of others.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, August 6, 2012

It’s a wrap

Believe In Your Dreams Coloring Page0001

This is an art activity anyone can handle. Next time there is a large piece of packing paper, or you could get butcher paper, or really any huge piece of paper remember this use for it. You may need some art supplies if you do not collect them as nobody we will mention does. Ideally, you would gather watercolors, and it can be the kid version, or markers, or crayons, or colored pencils, you can see where I am going with this, just some colored supplies.

Smooth the paper out on a flat surface and choose the more textured side. The idea is to create something colorful that covers the whole sheet. You can simply spread colors around and blend as you wish, or you can draw and color patterns or scenes or characters, anything is fine. Your imagination is your guide. This will take a little time so choose when you can spare as much as an hour, maybe more.

You might consider how you will use your finished creative project. My first suggestion is as wrapping paper. When you determine your purpose, you will probably better know your color scheme, or you may decide to go with something totally unique. You are always in charge of your creativity, no one can boss your muse. We each have ultimate freedom in how we decide to create.

I do not have a finished project like this to show, but I am sure you can come up with something you enjoy making.

A note on the coloring page. My artistic abilities were once more refined, but I have neglected drawing for some time, and I need practice. This is why I stress daily creative work. Use it, or lose it.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan