So It Is

The trees are now bare
Branches like fingers pointing
Out the emptiness
Of a sky bleached free without
Any pigment, adding soul.
Still in hallowed halls
Voices state more exists here
Than unreasoning fate,
Life is meant in love, faith, real
Enough to cite deep fortunes.
Us, never alone
Though feeling nothing describes
Our hearts time betwixt
One moment in company
Or darkness in hours apart.
A well of sky swells
Incomplete, because though there,
Stars cannot be seen,
Sun-drenched heavens obscure all
That remains, always being.
We, expecting more,
Find, however, hard we look
Somehow we are blind
Because experience steals
Our senses toward what we feel.
Even names in our dreams
Though given, known, lived – disperse
Into fog forgot
When eyes are closed, we are not,
But feelings of urgency.
On the ground, brown grass
Waits the awakening brought
By calendar turns
Where warmth swift begins, returns,
Like embraces of one beloved.

Words are love, life, the making of reality. Explore using creativity to express things you wish to see but hardly know. See how far you can stretch belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I had a wonderful lunch with Richard.
I returned home.
Wookie had not wholly destroyed things, though she made inroads toward it.
Music, singing, dance.
Strawberry Crème Cheese Danishes.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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