Increasing Unceasing


Not feeling the scanner tonight. Almost left off posting again. Turned the computer off for hours. Writing comes though, it is like breath, similar to blood, it flows, pours through me unless I let it free. Often I think it owns me. When I guess why I am here, it chimes up with some right piece of poetry.

So, be it. Love wins.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Without Words Proclaimed

Lying in bed, warm,
Sated, limbs entwined, lovers,
Together outside
Time’s demands for the moment,
Living inside the bubble.

Enclosed, enraptured,
By this elemental thing
Created inside
The hearts of us both, in love,
Meaning, for now, everything.

The words, honey on
Our lips, licked away, unsaid,
Fearing to bring doubt
All into the open for
Hurt often finds its mark.

Scars before, behind,
Spark instant hesitation
This present figment
A potent whisper, unheard,
“I am yours, and you are mine!”


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Haiku is my garden. I find stones, roses, butterflies there, moss rarely grows. With vigilance, a seeker can come away with an altered state of mind.

Alex has been driving today, I spent over six hours on the phone with him. I am a little spent.

I needed a post, this is a post. I might be back or not.

I hope all of you have a gracious evening.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I write from my heart
Hoping to touch another
Who might need insight
To better comprehend living
From the inside to the out.


When you deal with living things,
you cannot choose when they go
or when they stay. All you can
do is continually pray.


The soul of you
The soul of me
Are joined together
Until we shall choose
To come apart, go free,
But love, can you not see;
I want you forever with me.


Music is a communal experience, but even in live
performance, to no small degree, it is entirely personal.
We can listen to the same song and come to our
individually differentiated conclusions.


Intention to Devotion

Love is filtered through
Who we are in each moment
Experience determines
What we choose to risk, how, when,
And decides who we believe is
Worth the investment of our lives.

We are careful creatures knowing
Our hearts, minds, are not to be
Turned over too easily, so freely
We want to be treasured, held dear,
Because each of us is aware
Love is a potential weapon to maim and kill.

So we reach out gingerly
Watching for reaction, acceptance
Hoping our tenderness is returned,
But ready in seconds to run
If there is an indication we should
Retreat before the pain gets deep.

If we set ourselves open to let
Another in, we are directing
Our lives, real enough to love.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan