A Duo

Icy, Not Pricey

Celebrating bills
Of the electrical kind,
Some go down like mine,
Cold weather is quite welcome,
Cause cold never bothered me.
My thermostat says
Fifty-two morning arise,
Okay, I feel fine
Later heat-wave sixty-four,
Not even cold when outdoors.
While Winter cold shocks
I enjoy a great reprieve
But when warmth returns
It is gloom and doom because
Cooling costs take breath away.
I can warm myself
In a variety of ways,
But going naked
Will not even block the heat
When sweltering Summer comes.
It is then I find
Myself all undone again
With bills so costly
I can never win my way
Without a fortune to pay.

Just Do It

If you find yourself
All alone, feeling lonely,
Stop thinking only
You are in that dreadful plight,
Many languish in the night.
Take some time to think
How you might step to the brink
Reaching out your hand
To find a woman or man
Who would with you come to stand.
Love is glorious
Changing dreams into something
You can touch and taste,
A reality with grace
Fantasy cannot replace.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have been up all night, that is the story – I am sticking with it, in case you find this a bit out of character.

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Turns Out, It Is True!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This morning at some point, 40,000 households in Douglas County, Georgia, serviced by GreyStone Power lost electrical service. It was after 2 am for me because that is when I went to bed. If you need proof I sleep like the dead; I did not know a thing about it. However, when I woke at 7:30 am, it was very dark. I plotted a path to the restroom with a flashlight and returned to bed.

‘The power will be on when I get back up,’ was my thought as I snuggled in. When I got up at 10:30 am, nothing electrical was working.

Usually, if I have a warning, I charge up everything and make sure I am prepared. This storm, at least for me, came out of nowhere. I do not have a weather radio due to harrowing previous experience with one in my past existence.

At 10:30 am, I was shaken and had nothing that was not sugary to eat. Even my cell phone would not work. You can key the scary music, because this is one of those situations where I am terrified.

I got in the Explorer and drove to the library. God must have known how bad I needed some people, because a young gentleman and lady asked me was it open after I had gone to the door. It was not. We talked a few minutes and agreed our cell phones were out, hers’ being Sprint and mine Boost, which uses Sprint’s towers. They were there to vote, and that was partly my purpose.

I went to town for food and ate at Del Taco’s outdoor table. I had to be where I could see people, even in cars.

I went to Sam’s Club and bought some dog food, drinks, and food. When I returned home – the power was still out. I had perishables in the refrigerator and freezer at risk, plus groceries I had just gotten. I cried and prayed and hoped.

Around 5 pm, the power came on. I have been loving my house and my things since. I have repeatedly said, “Thank you, God!” I am still without computers, but how sweet electricity is.

About that thing where everyone runs to the store to buy sandwich fixings and water, maybe milk, I get it now. Some things will teach you they are true. I got schooled today.

Do not let the weather catch you sleeping, as Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared!”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan