Rescue By Rescue

I stood there thinking
I was only a failure,
It was time to quit;
My bonny dog barked like there
Was a reason, hackles raised.

I had thought I might
Rehome the two, someone would
Want glorious dogs
I could no longer care for;
Wookie had other ideas.

She became shadow
In my every movement,
She nudged, licked, my hands,
If I thought it all over
She believed it was not, yet.

Despite the tears, howls,
Of desperation and pain,
That fine dog of mine
Was determined this was not
Separation season, mine.

I have not the heart
To continue but it seems
The decision is
Not mine to make, the rescue,
Now is my faithful rescuer.

I face the future
Bleeding, scarred, tail between knees,
But I am resolved
To carry on the mission,
So I do not make her leave.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I hope you had an excellent Valentine’s Day. Mine was spent with dogs alone. I am still reeling, keep thinking I am alright and then take up fresh tears again. I would rather not open this vein here, but again, I promised myself I would do this daily, so there it is.

I am not always sunshine. If I do not acknowledge the shadow, its hungry maw will swallow me screaming alive.

Do as you will, everyone does anyway. God go with you and bless your dealings and creativity. May you have better days and always strive for your best.

I assure you once I have bandaged my wounds and put myself aright, I will be rejoining the effort to win, win, and win again. It is not over. I am not done. Survivors have a way of surviving even when their will is broken, and their goals fade away. Maybe some crazy dog makes them see that no matter what is in the closet, they have to keep on until there is no other choice.

Alex Goes Back to Nevada


The will, it faulters
Besieged by sadness, failure,
Come bright tomorrow,
Bring to the present reason
To continue the battle.

Sorry, that is all I got. Sometimes it looks so bad, finding a silver lining in the looming clouds is too tricky. If I had not promised myself to do something creative every day this year, I would just go back to crying.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Very well then, now,
It is what it is, always
It cannot be changed.

As, ever, you were,
Make yourself comfortable;
Your life is your own.

Carry on, doing
Things that facilitate joy
You deserve your best.


Our love is a door
Held open, a passage through
A step together
Into the present alive
Building futures, extreme dreams.


As a  prompt, take a common phrase or several and use them as a starting point to create. Enliven the creations with meaning perhaps gained somewhere else.

I am grateful:

  1. Alex had a safe trip and obtained his objective.
  2. I finally got extra sleep last night.
  3. I finished reading an eBook.
  4. I may get a super birthday present. Depends.
  5. All the blessings of my life, too many to count,

When the quiet haunts,
The doubts seem set-up to stay;
Christ wipes them away.

Believe in your dear held hopes and dreams, but move forward. Banish doubt, you are much stronger and more capable than you may think. Blessing to you all. I hope you found something of inspiration and you will find your way here again. Roaring 2020, be bold, brave, and excellent.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Haiku is my garden. I find stones, roses, butterflies there, moss rarely grows. With vigilance, a seeker can come away with an altered state of mind.

Alex has been driving today, I spent over six hours on the phone with him. I am a little spent.

I needed a post, this is a post. I might be back or not.

I hope all of you have a gracious evening.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Something Unexpected

The Dell went crazy and lost its ability to connect again, this device has no IP address, um, no. I fixed it, so now I am updating this. It only took hours.

So I did this awesome thing in my journal and took photos of it with the S8. I hope you will think it is unique. I am replacing the shots with scans, so most of you will never see that mess.


2020-02-02_Stargazer page two

Lilies in Bloom

Those are stargazers from my house in the 90s. Once upon a time, I had a home. I have that file, but the network is in a reset, so maybe the Dell will jump back online. I have now replaced the photo of my print with the original scan file photo. I need my networking guru.

So, there you are. God bless, even if you do not believe in God, He believes in you. Please never feel like I am forcing the issue. We all need to think as we can until it changes. I love you any which way.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan