Haphazard Creative

If we took a wastebasket full
Of crumpled papers
With words encased upon
Each and every sheet,
Then pulled out pieces
To put together thoughts,
Join in lines, rhymes,
Remedies complete;
Perhaps loves would
Understand the meaning
Of the title, a mind, a jumble
Haphazard Creative,
Put a semblance of order
Who long realized
Exacting lines become too
Tame to capture what
A wildling person
Can believe is real
Only love and God
Can all truth reveal.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I do not know, it just came, and I wrote it. It seems I have a line that keeps pulling down the sinker.

Stop, Do Stop!

A hole wide open
Met inside experience,
A phone call today,
Ignored again, it remains
A worry of mind, all mine.
Will it never cease?
Calling, calling, no answer,
It will not become;
Forcing is no way with me,
I quit, will not engage, talk.
Months, and still pursued –
Why? There is no one, nothing
Here, to cling onto,
My properties, forsaken –
My attributes, verboten.
I erected boundaries
For all the best of reasons,
No coward am I, but fear
It has become acid inside.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have two phone stalkers who will not desist. Many months have passed, it continues. Forgive me, I need to let my fear vent.

Rising Thinking

This stone rolling, refuses,
Deep cover over this recess
Fallen on misstep into
A deluge, quickly, levels rise
Drowning should be such
But the catalyst environment
Welcomed so many years, ignores;
Ah, become a word
Like other words, read
So it may be judged to vary
Without any precise meaning.
A seemingly clear notion,
Emotion, tied up in hustler’s
Knots of privilege and abuse,
Some, withheld such others,
But all when questioned
Believe its existence is
An absolute – RIGHT –
Everyone should possess.
What are
When humans, beings, are
Placed in situations where
Who they are is compromised –


Been reading current events, not a proposition without the continual engagement of deep thought. As poets, we ignore the public sphere to the detriment of democracy.

You may also recall I recently revisited 1984.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Infinity Today

This one NOW
Ours briefly – is eternal
Because every day
Is always, this one, today,
We live within it, on endlessly
Our hours
With consecrated effort,
Reaching with willing
Toward worthy goals, the day
Provides; no end.
Moment to moment
Change propels us still, forward,
With our escalating desire, hope,
Prior our insight
Is gained, then another.
The chase is endless
Games we play, again, we may,
Ever a winning
Always more striving, trying,
More than realizing we
Are after the same glomming.
An infinity
The minute always here now
Cannot in amber we conceal it
Past, present, altogether with duty, today.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Um, Victory

It is not daily
I choose the outside of things
The challenge it brings,
But braver today I did
For those medical reasons.
Of course, I bear fear
The coronavirus leers
Like a rabid fox
Its grin a horror drooling
Germs so unsightly with need.
Cast about the mind
Safe quarters, fair harbor, set
The self barrier
To foreign bodies entrance;
Beware the pungent sneeze.
A sample places;
DQ, Sam’s Club, Resurgens,
Kroger feels too much,
Who Wants To Live Forever
An appropriate stream, Queen.
Tried to find my voice
To pitch a page, no dulcet
Tones casting, grating off-key
Would have bought peace, health,
But none of those were available.
Bananas, grapes, raisins, milk
Were among what I could retrieve
From the mini-cities titled stores.
The shots in knees, ouch,
For my betterment those are
So far showing some gain against
Debilitating pain, only sleep
Is a disappearing angel when
I still myself, hurt tackles me.
I return home an acquisitive scoundrel
With life-giving plunder, seemingly
Aright, without the blight of acquired
Disease, just overtired wishing
To find my ease in an ocean of
Consonants, vowels, punctuation,
To free me from a too clear focus
On what is become of reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just some thoughts. Framed while they remain.