In Faith


To me, faith plays a vibrant role in creativity because I feel the gifts with which I am endowed, and the inspiration given me are bestowed by the Lord. I am in no way ashamed of my belief in Jesus as my Savior, but I try to be mindful that others may not be of the same disposition.

I want to share something I wrote on Christmas Eve. If you are of another system of belief, do with it what you will.


When I survey my life, I am in awe of the blessings my Lord has accounted to me. He has given multitudes beyond my deserving. He has been generous in goodness and faithful in mercy. My God sees me like a precious treasure whom He purchased at a price so high as to be incomprehensible.

He is my solace in the depth of despair. He is my rock when I need a sure foundation. He is the beloved of my soul, and He cherishes me as priceless. He is a wall that surrounds me protecting me from harm of which I am blissfully unaware. He is the path that takes me to secure places. He is the Lion who fights my battles with principalities and powers beyond my reckoning. It is He who will gather me to Himself when my earthly days are over.

Who is like my God? Only He, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, stands in triumphant glory over all that exists. I will praise Him, with all my heart and soul and mind. It is He, only, who saves me.


Today, January 7, 2018, I became a member of a church where I feel more belonging than I have in a long time. It is home. I will probably share more of my journey in coming days.

When we create, we should endeavor to enhance the lives of those who witness our work. There is such a need for positive influence in so many lives, we are vessels of love given the power to bless others.

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Short Poems Before Dawn


Often I write haiku and tanka because I can. I also do variations on the forms. I explained both of them in earlier posts here. Haiku are counted syllable poems with three lines of 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Tanka are also counted syllable poems with five lines of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables. The variations I do are the addition of more syllabic lines.

In my view, forms are guidelines. They are not chiseled in stone never to be bent to the creative will, so I play. Creativity is the play that makes an art of living in a world that needs more beauty and grace.


Church is given us
A safety, love, gathering
To make us stronger
In body, spirit, belief,
So we may navigate life
Surrounded by such great grace
Our lives prove the Gospel truth.


Failing along our
Way to the success for which
We live, are destined,
Lessons of immense value
Are bestowed with each heartbreak.


So, you have come here
Prepared to plunder what is
Left after collapse;
Instead, sit you down just here,
Tell the story of the wounds
You carry hidden within
Depths of your half-mended soul;
Perhaps together we can
Align our lives with wholeness.


The wings, those feathers,
Cover the heart, the creature,
Flying to heaven,
For mere flesh could not ever
Go near the bright face of God.


When we create we have no obligation to be the best, our job is to show up, make an effort, and produce the best work we are capable of making in the moment. This does not mean we should not strive for near-perfection, but it allows us the freedom to make mistakes, make progress without the goal of perfection keeping us boxed in so we do not generate any art at all.

Every time we exercise our creativity we grow. We become more ourselves and more capable of illuminating our soul’s message for the world. If we are writing, each line, each page, helps us clarify our message. If taking pictures, each shot teaches and refines our technique. In art, each drawing, painting hones our skills. We were not born with all the knowledge and expertise we need, but continual practice equips us to accomplish more challenging tasks that lead to the possibility of widely successful work.


I am grateful:

  1.   Some issues I was having are being resolved.
  2.   Despite the cold weather we have retained power.
  3.   I found some great library books on Tuesday.
  4.   I am getting new contacts.
  5.   Hope is still here despite the growth on her flank which is getting larger.
  6.   Living, although a challenge, is worth the effort.
  7.   It is not over until it is over.


For a prompt, think of something that vexes you and explore the issue through an artwork or writing exercise. Be as precise or vague as you wish, but capture your audience’s attention.

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Jo Ann

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Mission Statement

#1 Creative Statement - Typewriter

If we want to accomplish more, we must do the remarkable. We cannot settle for a lukewarm approach, our desire for excellence must be like wildfire. We hold in our minds, hearts, souls the creativity to institute change at a cosmic level, but we cannot defer our work. The world needs out production in the present moment. We are not allowed to be placid and let time to rush by us without our contribution to its meaning.

Every word, thought, image, line, page, all we do, are, create, is integral to the shaping of the next minute. We may sometimes feel we have nothing to express, share, but this is mistaken, our gifts, talents, abilities were conferred upon us to light lives now. Ours is the foundation that will cement these days in history.


We create alone
But the work reaches further
Than we imagine;
We are each a world changing
Force with power to excel.


As a prompt: Devote a few minutes, or more, to mapping out a plan for this week. Find a resource that inspires you and dedicate yourself to exploring it. You have so much that needs sharing with others. You can inspire and encourage greatness. Realize your creativity was given to bless those who encounter your art.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Goals Anyone?


On the first day of a new year, many people make resolutions. Some creatives are not great at adhering to something strict. The recommendation to make an effort, maybe not daily, but regularly, to express creativity seems doable. There is a multitude of tools to help motivate us and increase our skills. Some of these are like Creative Bug offered as a subscription on Amazon, or the numerous books that cover almost anything creative one wishes to do. Magazines, YouTube, blogs like this one, Udemy courses, Coursera, all afford opportunities to become more adept. The most effective method of increasing abilities is frequent practice. The more skill is used, the more it evolves into expertise.

A 365 project can be beneficial. Taking a photo, making a journal entry, completing a gratitude list, doing a doodle or drawing, working on a painting, writing a poem, flash fiction, working on a story or novel, or anything every day can increase proficiency prodigiously. A year and a half of one such project can be found on Chronicles. There is a trove of information there.

This is an open invitation to make the use of your creative talent an intrinsic part of your life. Please share your journey here if you like.


Today, I am grateful:

  1.  I have a warm shelter to protect me from the frigid cold.
  2.  There is plenty of food to nourish the puppy dogs and me.
  3.  I have the tools I need to be productive.
  4.  My grief over losing Mom is beginning to lessen.
  5.  I have clothes I like.
  6.  My son is doing well in his position at the GigaFactory.
  7.  There is reason to believe 2018 will be much better than 2017.


Life does not force us
To become who we should be;
Causes us to grow, evolve,
Fulfilling all our promise.


As a prompt: Set a goal, easily met, write it out and hang it in the workspace, so it is visible daily.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan