What I want to say
Does a speedy estimate
Of words I contain
Before deciding it is
Safe to brave so much fresh air.

There is a beauty
In the newly bestowed clear
Space – nothing hurries;
The birds are better at home,
Exhaust is missing rush hour.

I walk breathing deep
Though pollution is absent
Pollen soldiers on
Running my nose, forcing these
Sneezes and coughs troubling me.

A calm filters down
A peace often dearly missed,
Acceptance descends –
A careful celebration,
Renewed clarity, fresh air.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt today for Prompted Positive Poetry’s Facebook Group was “fresh air.”


It was brought to my attention
That my infatuation has not gone
Without notice among those few
Who are aware of my propensity
To, through an unfortunate mutation,
Assume an addiction to almost
Anything presently in existence.
There are no confines within
Which I am unable to exercise
The trait whether reality, fantasy,
Imagination, or creativity, it is
All-encompassing in time and space
Even when I make courageous
Attempts to restrain desire
There is very little I can do.
Love takes me over and chooses
Whoever and whatever it will
Filling me with such longing
Little in the universe can be denied,
Though I have over a lifetime realized
If certain things are avoided,
Never kept in my vicinity,
My voracious appetite does
To a lesser extent, prey upon me.
So I shelter when I may
Restricting my interactions
And become in less position
To have cause to say, “Take It Away!”

This was prompted by “Take It Away” on the Facebook Group, Prompted Positive Poetry. In all sincerity, I did not think it would be the answer to the prompt. It worked out though.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Advice from a Homebody

You can skip this if you have it all under control, but since many of you find yourselves sequestered at home, and I am a bit of an expert at staying in, I thought I might have something that would help.

Probably as you went into this, your housework was reasonably under control. As you are making a transition to quarantine, especially if you have kids, you might let yourself ease up a little bit. I say this so you can take time to adjust. Some movies, music, books, writing, may make being home easier. This is not to say let all your housework go, just set your standards for comfort.

If you have puzzles, coloring books, beading, drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils, pens, paper, blank cards, board games, cameras, things to repair or build, this would be a time to use them. If you find yourself homeschooling, these can be utilized as rewards for finishing assignments. If you join the kiddos, it will also be a bonding experience in a time of tension.

It might be an excellent time to launch a blog or website if you have been considering it. Both WordPress and Blogger are reasonably easy to start. I prefer WordPress. There are others as well, I just mention two I have used.

If your kids are home, now is a great time to get them involved in the chores, which they may typically find ways to shirk. You do not have to be a harsh taskmaster, just tie fun screen time to task completion.

If you need additional resources for educational materials, many of the colleges have things you can access for free. Coursera is a service tied to top universities that allows auditing courses without a fee.

Almost all of us could increase our activity. For low impact, walking is the best and can be done as a family. In eating, you may find the Yummly app has some suggestions which help you add variety when supply is limited.

To lower stress and anxiety limit your news content, and if your social media is caustic, take some breaks.

Books are everyone’s best friends at a time like this. Reading can help you soothe your mind, and with kids, it helps extend their concentration and attention span. If you have pre-readers, by all means, read to them. You can read their books, and you can also share your reads. This exposes them to the rhythms of language and vocabulary they may not have encountered.

Go outside. It is that simple. Find time in nature.

I will try to post some writing prompts and exercises over these days. I remind you everyone is creative. You have an ideal opportunity to explore what creativity means to you at this time.

If you have questions, I am fully willing to help.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Tunes – Rocking the Night Away

Hide Away – Mick Jagger
You Got Me Rocking – The Rolling Stones
Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones
Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher And Higher – Rita Coolidge
American Pie – Don McLean
Love Kills – Queen
Time Waits For No One – Freddie Mercury

My middle of the night coffee drinking list. Lost the sweatshirt for a tee-shirt with Randy Orton – Apex Predator on it. Coffee, with its caffeine and heat, percolates my blood.

All this because the house is lonely as the stone across the water on Tanyard Creek, Lake Allatoona when I was a mite younger than these days and could ski that inlet all day long.

Of course, earlier, I got the notice there were proofs to do, and I shall be getting to that eventually. Just now, I am thinking it is time for We Believe by Newsboys, which I have been saving until I cooled down from prancing like Rudolph when he discovered he was to lead the sleigh. Did you not know he danced? Bet ya he did, because he was an outcast promoted to the spotlight. Not that anyone would relate to that or anything. Not really.


As a prompt, take a current event weave it with a past event, throw in some tunes and create a work to share. Any medium will do, that is all up to you.

This was to be an update on Facebook, but it morphed into something of a fuller body, so I brought it here. I am quite disillusioned with Facebook just now. There are times I contemplate leaving the whole thing behind awhile, but the time is not yet. It bores me, though, Facebook does.

The picture above was taken at Callaway Gardens. I should go visit again. I adore the place. For once, I would like to go when it is warmer so that the butterflies are more plentiful and active in the Butterfly House.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I write from my heart
Hoping to touch another
Who might need insight
To better comprehend living
From the inside to the out.


When you deal with living things,
you cannot choose when they go
or when they stay. All you can
do is continually pray.


The soul of you
The soul of me
Are joined together
Until we shall choose
To come apart, go free,
But love, can you not see;
I want you forever with me.


Music is a communal experience, but even in live
performance, to no small degree, it is entirely personal.
We can listen to the same song and come to our
individually differentiated conclusions.


Intention to Devotion

Love is filtered through
Who we are in each moment
Experience determines
What we choose to risk, how, when,
And decides who we believe is
Worth the investment of our lives.

We are careful creatures knowing
Our hearts, minds, are not to be
Turned over too easily, so freely
We want to be treasured, held dear,
Because each of us is aware
Love is a potential weapon to maim and kill.

So we reach out gingerly
Watching for reaction, acceptance
Hoping our tenderness is returned,
But ready in seconds to run
If there is an indication we should
Retreat before the pain gets deep.

If we set ourselves open to let
Another in, we are directing
Our lives, real enough to love.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan