Increasing Unceasing


Not feeling the scanner tonight. Almost left off posting again. Turned the computer off for hours. Writing comes though, it is like breath, similar to blood, it flows, pours through me unless I let it free. Often I think it owns me. When I guess why I am here, it chimes up with some right piece of poetry.

So, be it. Love wins.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



Very well then, now,
It is what it is, always
It cannot be changed.

As, ever, you were,
Make yourself comfortable;
Your life is your own.

Carry on, doing
Things that facilitate joy
You deserve your best.


Our love is a door
Held open, a passage through
A step together
Into the present alive
Building futures, extreme dreams.


As a  prompt, take a common phrase or several and use them as a starting point to create. Enliven the creations with meaning perhaps gained somewhere else.

I am grateful:

  1. Alex had a safe trip and obtained his objective.
  2. I finally got extra sleep last night.
  3. I finished reading an eBook.
  4. I may get a super birthday present. Depends.
  5. All the blessings of my life, too many to count,

When the quiet haunts,
The doubts seem set-up to stay;
Christ wipes them away.

Believe in your dear held hopes and dreams, but move forward. Banish doubt, you are much stronger and more capable than you may think. Blessing to you all. I hope you found something of inspiration and you will find your way here again. Roaring 2020, be bold, brave, and excellent.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan