Sound Enthused

Music is a straight-up
Drug with intoxicating
Emotional reach
Highly motivational
Potentially erotic.
The magic extends
Upon the open airwaves
Convincing people
Belonging is a birthright
Which is forever present.
Love arrives in tones
Familiar as breathless sighs,
Ebon lashes of closed eyes,
Harmony convinces these
Are uncommon mystery.
Melody does not
Shout anyone’s name and still
Far-reaching it grabs
Hearts it touches all the same,
Captive but free, each remains.
All are apt contained
Within the magic wrought frame
Of clef, note, staff, word,
Carried farther than ever,
Lyrics often repeated.
Voices, instruments –
Delight, enhance, entrance while
None ever wanders
Long from transporting power
Of songs become legacy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


This picture was taken at the Georgia Aquarium. It is currently my desktop background. 

If music became
A picture, truth it might find,
In nature, sublime.

Make your days count for something, or you may find you only wasted time.

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Object – Found

I had to take it down,
Had to take it apart,
To see the depths inside
Learning about my heart,
What it is I want
Who I am willing to be,
To discover all myself;
Becoming fully me.

Even though I feel
So much love inside
Sometimes I live in fear,
Feeling I must hide,
Uncertain who I am
Can ever make the grade,
Knowing all inside me
May inappropriate be.

Should you choose
To spend time with me
Perhaps we shall find
There is more than reflects,
A purpose that connects
Love running through
Time somewhere proposed,
A truth of me and you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I would keep this muse were I able. I, however, know muses are fickle.