2022 Creativity Project -Day 14

The light of day approaches soft as a kiss
The straw and trees become
I clearly hear the arrival of birds
A rooster in the distance crows
As I open the door for the dogs
I brace myself for the chill;
Morning a pleasure given
By God who holds it in His hands.

I Already Know
The soft caress of love after long loneliness
Being chosen for surprising tasks which honored me
Studying and learning more than I dreamed or expected
Living a fortunate life, blessed with family and friends;
Life is a compendium of every moment we come through
Sometimes we are generously blessed beyond our stress.

Write about your own amens or something you know already or even about the photograph below. Create something if you are a visual artist.

Small Tree Down – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. Reba is a friend on whom I can depend.
2. Alex called me first on his new phone.
3. Editing continues.
4. I have coats. I keep the house at sixty degrees, so I need coats.
5. Books.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 13

Today, I rose before the sun and wrote seven poems before lunch, four of which I share. Unlucky thirteen? How is thirteen for you? Do you fear it or defy it? Create something!

The path ahead is narrow
There is little space to waste
A moment out of real-time,
But coming round a curve
The sudden traffic stops, swerve!
On the grass, signed, “Keep Off!”
The forest beckons, a dream welcomes,
Crystal shines, the path behind,
But entering the story between the lines
Adventure takes hold, sweeps off the reek
Of buildings and pollution, here safe to keep –
Creativity impinging every minute, wild awake.

Sometimes Red, Others Green
The mind can close, bars in, gates down, red,
Tools to separate ideas, thoughts, imagination – pushed
Until the opening, green, when everything flows
Bringing chaos together, intellect unleashed – tempestuous dreams.

Place Yourself
The page, a world, wide-open,
The canvas, an ever-emerging vision,
The photograph, anything, anywhere, seen,
The pan, pot – whatever is gotten, mixed, hot,
The lesson captured wisdom, learning sought,
The film, bringing imagination alive, action caught,
The music, no static, instruments, voices, well-arranged,
The business, constant motion, full-accounting, bills paid,
All things in unison, talent-focused, money made;
Ideas merge artistry, creation, creators, each trying
To make life worth the sands running down,
The moments a treasure, pleasure, of being –
Who we become on the journey toward Heaven’s gates.

Bits of Evanescence
You, whoever thought pronounces thee
Are not in any sort of captivity
Though you may feel caged, you are free
To be the one you want and need to be.
This world, its shadows are not yours, mine,
We transform what seems into joy we find
When our souls are given ample space, time,
To become caring, gracious, generous, kind.
No barrier can imprison, prevent, shackle Love,
It goes wherever hearts open to the treasure trove
Carried in all the feeling fully expressed
Given to others without return’s expectation, blessed.
Happiness born in simplicity
Sharing the goodness of spirit, aptly,
Feeding the yearnings, bestowing energy,
To turn life into Love’s overwhelming ministry.

New Beginning – Image: © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

However, Whatever, Wherever, Whenever, Why? Volume Twelve will begin soon, either today or tomorrow. I finished filling Volume Eleven this morning in an extraordinary burst of verse. I started it on Saturday, June 19, 2021, and ended it today.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. I got up early today after falling asleep exceptionally early last night.
2. Writing seven poems in one session.
3. I did not have to go out yesterday because I had a virtual appointment with my doctor.
4. Having no reason to go to town today.
5. Still mobile, still here; every day is a gift.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 12

Morning and Evening

Morning is not mine,
I only enter when I must
Or through some mistake,
The schedule is made later
If I have any input.
Sometimes it is not
To my advantage how this
Allergy works out,
The world runs on its mornings
It grudges noncompliance;
Keeping its treasures
For those who wake up near dawn,
Stretching forth welcome
Its beauties in fine display
Allowing work, joyful play.

Evening brings me strength
Gives me more agility
In body and mind,
It has become my best time
After the bright sun departs.
I find myself more
Adept in the waning day,
My mind is able
To find solutions to problems
Creating is easier, too.
My life has been this
From the beginning and will
Not let the practice
Go, though I attempt making
Changes over and over.

Write about the times that you most enjoy and least like. If you are a visual artist create something that signifies your feelings about these times.

Image © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. I have finally adopted a cellphone to a greater degree in my life.
2. I have finished two books this year.
3. The tomato soup at lunch was delicious.
4. For music which helps my moods.
5. I am a writer.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 11

Somehow we decide
How we will go on with life
Under a blanket
Woven considerations,
Troubles, doubts, unbridled fears.
This heart is yours to
Capture if you wish or will –
It, I only give.
The heat, argument,
Sets the candle flame into
A paroxysm
Of erratic commotion
While it burns, no choice remains.
Take me, give me form
For I am yours all alone
My heart sings you songs
With smiles, laughter, joyful tears
Forever, I will be yours.
No price set or paid
Is enough for sins forgave
By He who ever
Reigns in Heaven’s brightest halls
Lighted by His lovely grace.

Wookie missing Maui © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

If you have a pet, take note of activities or moods and draw conclusions from your observations. Create a work that reflects what you learn, and share if it appeals to you.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. Alex and I talked today.
2. Reba called.
3. The music filled the house with songs all day long.
4. I was able to accomplish the task set for today.
5. Language flows through my veins, a reality I cannot explain.

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Thank you.

2022 Creativity Project – Day 9

Photo © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

We should talk about “They” and “Them.” These characters are often evoked to accentuate some point of debate. If their opinions meet with disagreement, many people have no idea who the characters are.

Some live lives of desperation, attempting to live up to their standards, and others chase their approval. It seems some find life incomplete without including the drama of us and them.

I am trying to divorce myself from caring about the thoughts and opinions of they and them. I suggest this may be worthwhile for you, too.

An indication this might be a healthful exercise is that you, as I did, find yourself frequently checking social media. I found myself feeling great when likes existed, less so when there were none. I checked many times a day and spent hours online. I do less of both now.

They may have specific thoughts or beliefs and believe you should do the same, but if these do not match who you are, you can defy them.

You are an individual, made in God’s image. You are a creator. Do your things, be your person. If someone speaks the truth to you and it fits your head game and real-life, good, follow that, as long as you dare. When it is time to let go, stop hitching that wagon, find a rocket to the stars.

They and Them, if existing, have lives of whatever description. Try not to think about either. Be you, do it unashamedly gloriously, your way, without fear, with love, creativity, and kindness. The world needs so much compassion. Worry less about “Them and They,” and make your life and those of others better when and where you are able.

Believe me; this advice is for me, too.

If you have an opportunity, do an act of kindness to “pay it forward.” Create some work that evokes the feelings your generosity brings. Let your audience feel the reality.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. My screen protectors came.
2. Reading is an educational affair.

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