When the windows are all closed,
The locks engaged barring doors,
We must find the keys, or remain
Without entrance to our destiny;
Others can lend us assistance
If we give them an opportunity.
Sometimes we see a closed portal
And turn ourselves away
Because searching for the key
Is hard and locations past
Still hold our interest, rooted,
In comfort zones, we know well.
Growth, change, learning,
Are our reasons to exist,
Walking through the doors
Is what we are made to do;
Our creativity is a boon
Even giving us our keys.
Storm the doors, unlock
The windows – allow the freshness
Inside for the secret of happiness
Lies in the brilliance of accomplishment;
We all have potential we fail
To recognize, but we must
Our strengths, passions, realize,
Knowing within us God created
Talent and ability, vision to achieve
A life full, free, loving, given to shine;
We are placed to nurture the world.
Discover the key, make history!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I know she does not directly relate to the poem. The Wookie is just a part of those gifts that keep me present and moving forward. She does not care for cameras though.



I loaded all my troubles
Into an old wagon and hitched
It to myself, as if it was terrific.
I came to understand my worry
Carried around, so weighty,
Could nary a problem solve.
I arrested myself in my circular
Tracks, and dumped the wagon
Content into the hardy, healthy weeds,
Choosing my life to free in love,
Knowing there was more in me
Than recognized or seen.
Abandoned, the wagon stays
To remind me there are ways
I can deal with fearful days,
Without sacrificing my peace
To an unreasonable burden,
Doubt, uncertainty, serves no purpose.
The fright still comes time and again,
But the wagonload does not like
A misfortunate encumbrance remain,
I have given it away to the care
Of God who can lessen, negate,
All the pain, making me whole again.
If I wallow then in misery
I have chosen to abdicate the power
My Savior pricelessly bought and wrought
That I might live life to the fullest
Completely abundant, blessed now
And chosen for eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


I was going to post the wagon, but I have used it before. You may imagine I can dump my troubles out among the woods here.

I am reading a book, intermittently, called Why Poetry, which I dip into, then even though I do not follow it, I get inspired.

As a prompt, create something inspired by something written, even if you are only tangentially relating to it.

I am so grateful to have some things appearing in the February issue of the Villa Rica News & Views.

Bless you. Be well. Remember, shadows only last a while, and you are stronger than you believe. You can successfully achieve whatever you dream.

If You Are Wondering… Bonus 🥰😍🤗

At times, I will neglect my creativity. I work better when I challenge myself and have self-imposed deadlines. The 2020 Creativity Project is a daily marathon of Creativity. I must post and, therefore, must produce.

When I create, it often opens the sluice gates on what holds all my wild in; the dam cannot keep my mind contained. I want to finish my novel and my book on creativity this year. I think I have a chance since I committed to this.

If you are a Creative, however, that defines you, you may find it beneficial to set tasks and goals of which you refuse to let yourself slip out.

I try to share inspiring things and prompts, but some of those posts get no views. I am puzzled by what is happening here, but I have this to do, whether seen or not.

I write everything here, and all the pictures are mine. I chose the design and outfitted it. Since three years old such things have consumed me. I cannot drop it and survive.

I have not run central heat all Winter so I could afford the site cost for Premium. Worth it, I declare. You see no commercials; I got the Entrepreneur theme. Thank God for my Mom’s electric blanket.

I posted so many times yesterday; it was crazy. I proofed for about four hours and took a semi-nap, I hardly sleep without taking pills to turn my mind off — the little perk of my disorder.

Maybe I say too much about myself, I apologize if you think so, but one of my dearly held purposes on the web has always been to raise mental health/illness awareness. It is one of my only ways to contribute as a disabled person. If only…

Now, away and away, business be done.

February is coming; it could sneak up on you, Valentine’s Day. I am all about love, so it is one of my most favorite days. The stores put out the Valentine goodies before Christmas is done, though. Does anyone else think it is shameless overkill? Oh, let’s get out of that morass before we are swallowed up.

I think love should be celebrated every day in every beautiful way, but for I Heart You Day: If you and your someone are going for dinner and a movie, why not ride a horse-drawn carriage. If that is too much, enlist a single person to chauffeur you. You lovebirds sit in back, stealing kisses and caresses on your way. A photoshoot where you go to a studio with costuming and get made and gussied up will be a forever memory. Alternatively, you could hire a photographer, dress in frills, make-up, for the thrills, and be photographed at a place near the heart of your relationship or a scenic spot that will become a new favorite.

I am single, you too? It is okay; we love it also. Pick up your most coveted meal fixings and prepare it beforehand, so you only need to heat it. Buy yourself something you have wished for; it does not have to be expensive. Wrap that up. Pick up a ravishing desert. Now, celebrate with a binge-watch of the shows you have meant to get to while enjoying the rest.

Any of you who feel the need could hire one of your favorite poets to write personalized love poems made to order; also, some might even be able to provide accompanying art, photography, or graphics.

Queen recorded some great love songs. Freddie, Bri, Roger, and John have always been some of my favorite artists, and now with Adam and their recent and current tours, there is plenty of work on YouTube. Take a listen, rock your mood.

Ah, work calls, you are released.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Hearts have this strange way, you know, like the magic which we never allow its slipping into the clouds. The lightning would be spectacular and potentially frazzle dazzle everything.


Change, it ambushes us,
Out of time, it comes wavelike,
It takes our bedrock washes
What we thought we owned;
Obliterating into oblivion.

Sometimes though it sets us
Feet first down into places
Where we belong to be found.
We pick, choose who we are.

Life is an adventure
Without compare, and we here
Are gifted the ability to share
Ourselves, presently and as becoming
Our love, such overcoming.

All we have a beautiful purpose
To enhance life for the many
And be the completion of our ONE,
Each moment a journey made
Creatively toward our Home.

If we are wide open
Set free from negativity
We can our potential materialize
Right before others and our
Astounded, awaiting eyes.

We are this present
Letting go of the limiting past,
Moving in each moment
With creativity, love, desire;
Embracing change positively.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Alex recommended I quit relying on Photoshop so much. This was handheld with the camera flash in the dark and rain. I love it. I usually do not use Photoshop, but sometimes…

Prelude to Valentine’s

We are working on February Issues, and poems seem in riot today.

Deliver With Love

She has in her heart
A feeling unrealized
About who you may be,
But she is afraid to claim it
‘Cause she has been mistaken
Too often in times before.
If you are there now, waiting,
Do not hesitate to move
For time never stops, it goes
With a heartbeat’s rapidity,
The breath passing without hold;
Godspeed to you, gentleness,
May fortune your pathway permeate
Find her, claim her, passion fulfill
While waiting, love remains. Still.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan