Within Storms

An arctic blast –
Maybe there should
Be igloos, for form’s sake.
Solstice is long past,
Yet, now, the chill
Penetrates every bone,
Cranny and gap.
Yule logs consumed
Time afore would
Now be welcomed
Upon many hearths
To warm the fireside.
Even so, the snow
In its weavings
Looks like treacle icing
Upon the listing evergreens.
Winter dreams tell
Tales of coming Spring
Where the Earth rousing
Grows warm as most
Living things are
Like the Savior
Jesus, who holds keys
To happy eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Weather makes an excellent background on which to create. Use your current situation or tune in to fantasy for creation.

Gratitude List:
I had a better day.
Finished work on magazines.
Diet Cokes.
Cadbury Eggs.
Decorating for Easter.

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Everyone needs loving
When the world turns icy gray
Those times that things go astray,
But also when all seems right –
And dancing lasts day to night.
All the glorious notes together
Can change the internal weather
Allowing the most joyful songs,
Every age can sing along
Faces brightening with delight.
The sun comes arising,
In eyes hopeful and surprised;
Time becomes a tender comfort
When strangers become fast friends.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: The weather is rather frightful in many places; pull up a stool at the bar, create something to ameliorate the awful conditions outside.

I went into town and got groceries and miscellaneous after five weeks without doing so.
I have hope to feel better now that I have diet soda and food I like.
Getting my phone to sync with the Explorer.
My friend Reba is a lifesaver, literally.

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Apt Riposte

The sword within the hottest flame
Is tested by the perfervid heat
When removed, it is full fearsome,
An object of searing white-hot beauty.
Quenched in frosty waters, then
Withdrawn, it becomes a weapon
Designated to banish foul atrocity
Protecting what is noble with honor.
If thus, each beating heart resolved,
Earth would more a place of love –
Continue with many fewer problems,
And an overflowing soul of kindness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something with myriad layers of meaning. See if your audience can penetrate the veneer.

Extremely Thankful:
I made it through the night and day, though extremely ill.
Wookie is an aspiring nursemaid.
Sleep is a tonic.
I scrounged up some caffeine without Diet Cokes.
Reba and Alex called me.

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Valuing Everyone

We need to be gentle,
Remember we are, as are
Others – only human –
Worthy of love and respect.
Our hearts are fragile –
From being often broken;
Our capacity for love
Though limitless – sometimes –
Encounters walls unscalable.
We shall not close our lives
To opportunity, possibility;
We continue sharing compassion,
Devotion, emotion, and kindness.
We embrace those varied abilities,
Gifts, passions, skills, talents,
Which might encourage, inspire,
Someone else to begin releasing
Their greatness to help all those
Who hope, somehow, to change
Our world into a more loving place.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: In such times as these, it is best to accentuate our commonalities. Create something to nurture lovingkindness between those with differences.

Gratitude Rocks:
Copy editing, which I thoroughly enjoy.
The fact that I am writing more recently.
Surviving solitude.
Total PA.
Layers, necessary when trying to curb the use of electricity.

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No Hearts, Ashes

I trace my steps through time,
In the fabric of my mind,
Seeing every one misplaced,
Which bought me this, my fate.
Yet, knowing, I could scarcely –
Change what action wrought,
Over time, without some miracle,
Not given thought, to be mine.
I offered what I am and who
But would not be accepted,
For the progression of others
Recollected over years who
In near perfection, which now
Cannot be laid aside because
Time jealous contains its magic –
Until certain days flow past.
My steps thereby slowed apace,
Each one wary and carefully placed
That I might avoid entrapment
In the boggles, bungles of love –
Life’s treacherous quicksand.
Still, I love, remain with hope –
Not intruding; quiet, deep enduring,
But always willing, a phoenix to rise.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan