Not Being

I am not being today,
I am still human
Because I was born that way –
But being, I have not
The energy, inspiration, or heart
I cloak myself in gloom
And hide away cocooned.
I disappear best I can
Make no contact with humans,
Maybe I will burn out
Like the main over-loaded,
Or fade away like jeans
Worn and washed too
Often because they fit a way.
I cannot be; alone is too
Much for me, but there is
No one who wishes me
To see, speak, love
I am a left-over no longer
Fit to any appetite.
Life becomes a tune
Turned down, a whisper,
I cannot dance it right,
I continue, locked out the doors
So living is a complex device;
I am not being today.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moods steal over me from time to time; I am okay, just aware. I guess it is incredibly revealing, but I am honest.

Prompt: Create something that reveals a portion of yourself often protected from view.

Come Closer

When tempted only to browse
Not close, not truly see
One avoids involvement
In everything completely.
Dandelions are destitute weeds
Not delicate creations, beauty,
People become utilitarian
Not deriving from incomprehensible
Depths of dignity, glamour, time.
The slant rays limning a vine
Do not enchant causing one
To desperately pine for a glimpse
Of crimson roses sent once
Upon a splendid loving time.
There is no magic, allure,
No precious heavenly divine
Each thing is dust fashioned
To feast upon with unrequited lust.
Slow a bit, look, long linger
Over what the world passes by,
The silver flicker of sun lighting waves,
A raindrop reflecting golden from clover,
The wingbeats gentle susurration
Of the murder of crows rising
Into the cerulean sky as a fierce
Beribboned Shih Tzu puppy walks
With a small bark and no chase to find.
Come, come, be entranced again
Let nature, environments,
Become the closest of friends,
Treasure every person, let
Humanity delight, rousing love
To light fires of generosity, kindness;
Gather hope that tomorrow will divulge
The abundant pleasures of happiness
Filling each day full-measure, overwhelming,
And to God all the glory, gratitude.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Grace Emplaced

Life takes blunders
Makes them wonders,
Unexpectedly bold
Never growing old.
Outlining hopes
Stowing away dreams,
Majestic, it elopes
With everyone, it seems.
If love presents
Passion invents,
Solid attraction
Complete reaction.
Magic starlight
Created by night,
Willing to change
Lives rearrange.
Fitful as a straying breeze
Consummate wanderers
Every experience squeeze
Expertly unto the handlers.
Creativity aligns
Each person those designs
Which stand tested in time,
Love giving divine signs.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


As polish upon silver,
Love tacks on its price
Resisting efforts to avoid
What it knows, how a device
Works bodies scrambling
To find pathways from the void
Being alone bestows, a blanket
Everyone experiences, but shirks
On too steamy Summer evenings.
Hungry hearts rapidly beating
Remember sacrifices required
To actualize love, which long-buried
Sings all angels, creativity, an ocean
Riven from its depths to crash
An innocent on a rocky shore, no one,
No one can prevent love anymore,
From overtaking all now, before.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan