Four Haiku

The day befalls like
A steady downpour of rain
Over whitecapped waves.

When the clouds gather
Bringing stormy weather near;
Look! The distance clears!

A pen in salute
Is more delicious than wine –
Edifying lives.

Love tenderly plays
Until the music made is
A graceful concert.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Love Holds

In desperate times
Trust must take a lead
To bring forward the power
Required to accomplish
And brilliantly succeed.
Creativity, ability, gifts,
Skills, talents, need nurture –
In the rich soil of dreams
With a practice of plans, goals.
Things in time come to be
But only when blessed,
Anointed in belief and faith.
All the world anxiously awaits
A time coming when Love
Is the guiding principle
For each heart and every art.
God loves by His nature,
He is Love, and Love expressed
Where Love exists, He is present,
And when, where, there is a need,
He comes, appearing in Love’s
Action, deed, word, always near.
Love abandons no one, without hope
All have an opportunity, for Christ –
Offers salvation to all those
Who wish to accept His gift,
Sacrificially provided, of Eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


When I think
I hope that you
Are there
So we can
Together borrow
All the time, we share
Allowing little sorrow
In our lives, times,
To come near.

Sometimes who you are
Is precisely what the world
Needs to wake up love.

The plans made in time
Became a sheer dreamy kind
Of true written rhyme.

For this moment,
Yours and mine
Become together
Fused, entwined,
Defying fate,
We relate.

I probably fell
Into you much harder than
Ever I should have,
But you are a gift unwrapped,
In the middle of my storm.
Holding fast your hand
I face my days in rescue
From the wind and rain,
Constant change that tries to turn
Life inside-out, upside-down.
You spin me top-like
But only intoxicate
Me in the feelings
Arising when you are near
When you show your tender care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

All these are separate but related. Sometimes times things come to me in fragments.

As a prompt, create several interrelated works. Let an emotion, idea, style, reason join them even loosely.


When we do not belong
When our hearts cannot find a song
When all the pieces
Are out of line, far from place
We still occupy optimum space;
If we remember
If we observe what surrounds us,
If we diligently continue
We know God is always near,
Jesus also suffered while here.
We are called upon
To be lights, inspiration,
To lend beating hearts
To the cause of Salvation
So all may come to Jesus.

Our battles may be
Many and we wish to be free
Yet we are fully loved
Wholly blessed in every moment
By God who fortifies our lives.
How we carrty on
How we stand firm, dedicated,
The Blessed Savior
Takes our hearts, sets us apart,
A generation in Christ’s hope
We become His messengers
Carrying God’s miraculous story
Into all the stormy places
Where He changes people, lives.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Best Friends

When we are faced
With challenges which move us
Beyond our limits
There is a recognition
We must befriend ourselves to
Accomplish our purposes.
Sometimes this is hard,
Knowing who we are, being
Aware of all faults,
It is a difficult thing
To process but must be done.
We can accept each
Part of our being with care
And find ourselves fair
In aspect and humor by
Finding good things in
Our character, bodies, thoughts,
Giving credit for accomplishments,
Deeds done, tasks completed in
Those times when we went
Over and beyond, each of us
Is precious, worthy, valuable.
It is something to reflect upon
When we doubt, or there seems
Nothing we can do; within everyone
There are strength and ability
To be brought forth in trials,
Never Give Up, Believe In Yourself.
Overcoming is often only
A matter of patience and persistence,
We are resilient,t and we will make
The world a better place
One loving action at a time.
Becoming one of our best friends
Is a gift we should grant ourselves.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan