Emerge, To Be

A saber struck through
My heart, failing to understand –
Why I am here, and they are gone.
Tears cut furrows down my cheeks
My sobs the neighbors, awake.

Each one a star of heaven’s sky –
What IS this? Who AM I?
Others say, “It’s not your time!”
But why theirs, if not mine?

My soul quakes, aches, to call
Them all, bring them back
Their parts to play, the stage
Devastated with their absence,
The curtains fallen, crimson glory.

I could name them, one by one,
Those precious, who are gone
Through actions, they cannot unmake,
We cannot restore them, taken
By the working of their hands.

Please, please understand
No matter what you have done,
Been, seen, experienced –
There is still enough, still love,
Still more, friendship, joy in store,
You belong; you are pricelessly dear.

Reach out, find someone, let them
Be a heart to catch you, help you.
Reach, keep on until you find one
Who shows you there is meaning
And a hungry need for you to be.

Life without you is less shiny,
It is incomplete; your smile
Fulfills someone’s need, you are
A blessing indeed, and there exists
A purpose suited to your unique identity.
I know the battle is exhausting
But let us not give up; I am counting
On you to recognize life as a gift;
Stay, continue fighting, together
Everyone can make it.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


If we celebrate
Anything, we should celebrate
Being here, being alive;
Because living is not a given
Life keeps passing, good-bye.
We are only the blinks
In the movement of eternity,
Breaths in a storm only
Sent once to live and die,
Sing as if you mean it; try.
I would not ask you
To participate if did not I,
The beauty of forever
You can grasp onto, hold, find,
If you reach for it, nearby.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: What compels your attention, takes you out of the moment?


I give up the chase –
You win your freedom of space,
My love has no place;
What you choose to leave, avoid,
I bury within my heart, void.
Never a beggar
I instead turn, walk away,
Take other highways
Leading wherever strangers
Are willing – friends to begin.
Laying out my heart
For you to trample beneath
Heavy stomping feet
Is not my ideal party
Treat, I must not stay, compete.
Say fond welcome to
These days you quickly bought
Without my presence;
Taste your fancy feast of joy
My leaving is your peace, foil.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Tap into your emotional climate, create something that indicates where you have your home.

Otherwise – Forever

“You are full of questions,
but answer none of mine.
Bit unfair, Lovey.”

“Oh, honey,
that’s how I roll.
You know this
after how long???
I take without giving.”

“No, no, it is not always.
It is past many years,
that I have been attached to you
with chains,
I cannot wrest away.
because you owned me
You are the enigma that
restlessness invokes
amid paradises
of supposed pleasure.

Yeah, keep that one for your
letter trove.

Escape is no frigging option.
Still, I am the villain.
I love you,
when love
is not your
You desire to be
the bait,
then when the wild
is captive, to run away.
I am willing to play
your game
because I enjoy
your peculiar brand
of pain.

Here lies the rot:
You have had your loves,
more lasting
than my own,
but somehow you are
not all away,
in your depths,
you realize
my heart is
your home,
but only at
a distance,
because you fear what
we would be
come into our own.

And here I have awoken
with ink
all over me, again,
and am yet to
discover why.
Perhaps even in
keep me company
as will never
the love I want.

Am I so dangerous?”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan