2020.06.22 Road Away edit

The grip astounding
An infant’s tiny fingers
Grasping loving hands
A toddler will not be lost
Becoming independent
As school days slip by
A graduate holding tight
The papers of passage shown
Successful for leaving home
The world spending spins
Hands gripped close tight
A wedding holding delight
Relative some grow gray
Faint furrowed hands slip
Like dust through fingers
Unable to end the lapse
Tears soaking faces, for the years
Suddenly gone away in the fray;
Time fleeting as tender smiles
Leave all in shadows by and by.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan



When foundations shake
When the sky begins to pale
When fear makes us quake,
Suddenly we realize
We looked away, ah surprise.
The Son will call us,
Refocus our attention
Back to His matters
As tears leave us with splatters,
Jesus pulls souls from tatters.
What we wish, desire,
He gives us better attire,
For we all belong
The Lord does not forsake us,
Holds us, gives plenty of time.
Salvation shines on
Lighting everything inside
So we outer glow,
Gravitating toward Christ
Throughout moments of lifetimes
Given victorious smiles, saved
For us, though, we drifted away.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.06.15 Spaces

A Thing, Well A Few

Prompted Positive Poetry’s Prompt #61 was “Fishnet.” I went off in a strange direction and did some derivations on a photo.

2020.06.09 Clockworks edited changed

This is not the poem I lost; I liked it better. I am toying with thoughts of which I cannot be the host. Catch release is all the rage to my overactive mind. Not sure I like the electric blue either, but black looked all wrong.

This following is out of the very verbose journaling. Those are two conjoined Tanka.


This existence is
Riddled with holes, the who, what,
How, why, that I am –
Knowing it is not enough
Normal for others to want.
Me, just wishing to
Belong somewhere with someone,
Who fully loves me
Though I am strange within – out,
Who would reassure my doubts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have a free trial of Spotify Premium. I love the Deep Focus channel, the one simply titled, Sleep, and oh, Music for Reading. Of course, The Rolling Stones and Queen get playtime as well.

I wonder if I should catch you up on my reading. I have not done that in a while, and there are some titles you might like.



Photoshop ate my poem, I had this whole beautiful idea, at least I thought so. I clicked on layers, my text disappeared. No matter what I do I cannot resurrect my poem from wherever the computer ate it.

Since I never remember what I write beyond writing it down, I have nothing left of it. The joys of writing being a magical conjuring.

Maybe it is for the best. I have written a lot lately. Most of it is contained in my journal.

I hope each of you has better fortune with your pursuits. I am going to lose myself for a while in The Rolling Stones.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan