2022 Creativity Project – Day 118

Worn Hallelujah

Where life goes
Staggering around corners
Trying to escape
The grief when too much is lost
Or drunk on finding new love.
Fingers wanting to hold
Tight to things material
But time gives lessons
On how better to allow
What is precious to pass.
All is a veil worn
By a bride, which gossamer
Covering will not linger,
With a kiss dispersed
And years are away, past.
Only to be today
Worry along nary other way
Find the smiles, laughter,
Learn and again, for knowledge
May keep company after.
Love, it is living
The spirit, soul, heart
Of every human being,
Mutual, a blessed treasure
Often sought, seldom caught.
The pain of years
Memories of beauty, love, joy
Restrain a flood of tears
For sadness brings reminding
Life is worth all given.
So sing loud, pray often,
Hug the beloved
Swim with the dolphin
Share and be grateful
Existing is delightful.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Day 116 – 2022 Creativity Project

Trying different things. I hope you enjoy them. Likes, comments, follows and shares are appreciated.

The graphic portion of the above creation was done in CC Express. The design, photo, and poem were mine.

I recommend CC Express. It is very fun to use on all devices.

Prompt: If you are not creating, find a way to now. If you are, do something that stretches your talents.

©Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Day 110 – Creativity Project – 2022

Far Seen

Only the night gives
The gift of your dear presence,
The falling again
Stellar apart, but the dreams
Bring you nearly here, all mine.

I never forget
How would undying love cease,
A beloved friendship –
I will love you forever
Until stars swallow the seas.

Who knew, you and I,
Through every storm, like lightning,
A flash permanent
Etched like sword blades in time
Moments full-tempered sublime.

Imagined, still real,
Memories, years cannot steal
Coming back to me
Then I own nothing, empty
Hands feeling bereft, reach yet.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 106

Breaking Forth

While the seed lies in
The depths of the earth so much
Transpires; it becomes
What breaks out with greater force
Pushing toward warmth and light.
A miracle made
From weakness, still hidden strength,
All births similar
So easily ended, but
Life wins; love begins, process.
Laid in a cold tomb
The Creator of forever
Worked in darkness, seeing
Every need, His freedom was
Never in question, rising
In life’s newness, He
Set the captives free, you, me,
Partakers of eternity
The miracle of miracles
Jesus set love forevermore
To all who let need become belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I spoke to a friend who was long past today. I was in need of someone and out of nowhere.

God is good. He answers prayer and hears the cries, collects the tears.

Love to each of you. Peace cover you.

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