Kudos to the Helpers

We have people in our lives that lend us strength when we become weak. These are blessings in human form. Love flows from them against our storms. When one enters our existence, it is a miracle, a grace.

Today some of my heroes reached out, not knowing how much they were needed. My son, Alex, called. His calls always lift my spirit and ignite my soul. We talked, and it was just a wonder.

I called Bernice, and she cheered me on as we laughed together. She gets me, even though I am strange.

I have been struggling, and a few people noticed. Today, my mentor, called. He invited me to lunch, catfish, fried okra, green beans, and bread. He also offered to go shopping with me. I have not been able to get myself to go and had almost run out of food. We went to Kroger and Sam’s Club, and I restocked. He is such a dear.

My best friend, Reba, and I talked. She saved the dog, from physical discipline, after making a terrible mess, by letting me vent. There is so much she does, long-distance, to help me.

My people are my support and much-needed considering. My disease, I cannot express, but love is sometimes the only thing that helps me survive.

It feels good to know I have food. It had reached a critical point.

Tomorrow I go for shots in my knees.

I guess I said all that to tell you, love those people who make life bearable. Never take them for granted. Also, recognize, however low, you feel that you are someone’s hero and do not give up. Life is precious, we are destined, what we will become is to be seen. Hang on. You are a blessing.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Wookie was scolded for making a mess, admonished never to do it again, and then the poor rotted creatures got bacon treats. There was some time-lapse. She was observing proper social distancing since she was not entirely able to predict the actions of her Momma. Truth told at that point, I was not prepared either.


The Rescue


Feeling lost, needing,
Someone to reframe the days;
An arresting face
On a screen held hopeful page,
Manic trip, hastily made.
The signs of danger
All presented open there
But the final op,
It had to come to a stop,
The power of choosing one.
Every day became
An infirmary visit;
Bandages, creams, ice,
The spirit willing, flesh weak,
Survival, frightful gamble.
Time has its slow ways
Gradually over days
Many and often
Passing the beast began to
Behave, cleave, love, mellow, trust.
Some moments life is
A cruel play on body, mind,
Sweet cuddle closeness
Can mitigate darting pain
Rescuing a mortal need.
Seasons run swiftly
But joy can lift magically,
Rescue beings freed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Wookie and I still have our moments, but we love.


Canine Verbs

I know the dog has
No words,
But the Wookie talks.
When I got back up at three
After sitting reading in bed,
She frowned at me, those
Brows knitting, thunderclouds.
When I began working the trash
Her tail tucked tight to her belly,
Her eyes wept, and she dropped
Her regal head down low;
See, she has a terror of trash bags,
When I snap one to open
She hides.
I do not know the reason why,
But she is a rescue so
Whatever might be,
I try to make clear that bags are safe,
But I am not sure she sees
Even humans taking that space.
She has settled now
Under the table at my feet,
Wookie and Tribble love
Times I sit down because
They can nestle close with me.
I think them extraordinary dogs
To adapt to someone like myself,
My canines bring such happiness
In their being, doing, living.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Ever So…

My house is somewhat
Unacceptable, a mess,
But it is also
Home, where I can be, do, dream,
The magics living inside.
I have my treasures
Which no one else so measures,
But they keep me here
On Earth where it is hard to
Want to be sometimes for me.
I am alone here,
But my house delivers welcome
When I need holding,
All life encapsulated
In this home where I create.
My body, my home,
Tattered, threadbare, torn, worn, wraps
Me into this living
All the pain, I overcome,
My house shelters, helps, supplies,
It is so peaceful
Here within these careful walls
The dogs and I are
Safe and have space enough to
Enjoy being within my house.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The prompt at Prompted Positive Poetry today is “My House.”