Fragments Amended

I do much of my writing in my journal, and bits and pieces are often orphaned there. There is a lot of writing which never makes it to screen. It is not that it is inferior, just that I cannot put up too many pages.

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Give me one last kiss,
You will never see me cry,
I will fade away –
Goodbye – you have your life – days
Precious, set apart, without
Room or time for me.
I respect you so much, enough
To go before I am
Become a footnote written
On the pages every day.
I wish you all happiness,
With such love as you crave, deserve,
May you find in another
The heart of all the love you hope.

So much is riding
On strings of words which might not
Be spoken aloud,
Before the night falls alone
Blocking out the fragile hope
Giving a fingerhold, keeping
Love afloat, buoyed by faith.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I try so to entertain, and yet sometimes I feel the investment is futile. The bounty I hope for may never bloom from Winter lying fields at Spring but be forever lost in frost.

Thank you for spending some time here, reading. Please be well and find the way here again.

Dodging Crevasses

Too many bridges into
Mountains too far
Where dreams may be lost
In the climbing over rocks,
Boulders that shifting can
Send hope hiding under
Fear, misery, doubt, despair.
Still, the beauty at the summit
Makes the trouble on the path
Seem insignificant and worthwhile
For climbing ever higher is
How growth and learning occur.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Four Haiku

The day befalls like
A steady downpour of rain
Over whitecapped waves.

When the clouds gather
Bringing stormy weather near;
Look! The distance clears!

A pen in salute
Is more delicious than wine –
Edifying lives.

Love tenderly plays
Until the music made is
A graceful concert.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Phantom Silhouette

The ghost, yesterday,
Writes a mystery of rising,
Falling, perfectly played no retakes,
Only steamy, streaming tears
Coursing over pallid cheeks
Give lie to the hale semblance
Of consistent happiness.
Still, the simple setting has
An attraction magnetic
Because in the playing, pain
Is a specter passed by,
No damage doubly done,
Not materializing – nor destroyed
By being again; only felt,
Visionary, memory recorded,
In soft tissue, written like
A blade slicing through braided
Rope to frazzle and progress.
All harm rendered obsolete
In the forward movement,
These crystalline moments,
Of who is and what will become:
The dream opens itself to
Fulfill love’s destiny now, ever.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Moments forever
Cradled in your loving arms
Finding myself once,
Always, when I become lost –
In the music of your touch.
Where you lead me is
Impossible without you
Are here, ever near
Guiding me an endless tour
Covering time, space, every-sphere.
We are met and meant
A promise set long ago
When eternity
Cast plans of all futures to
Come within hours of being.
I may write our rhyme,
But you are each word, making
All the sentences
Together, perfect, meaning,
Heartbeat, pulse, breath, giving voice.
I could never turn
Walk away because you are
Written on every
Exterior, interior part
Who I was, am, will soon be.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, what is your dream? The one that keeps you going when the pain is too intense and giving up seems a plausible option. Create something which celebrates that base level of who you are and who you intend to become. If it seems just too hard, do it anyway. You are not here for mediocrity; you are here to fulfill a purpose, a purpose only you can discern.