2022 Creativity Project – Day 106

Breaking Forth

While the seed lies in
The depths of the earth so much
Transpires; it becomes
What breaks out with greater force
Pushing toward warmth and light.
A miracle made
From weakness, still hidden strength,
All births similar
So easily ended, but
Life wins; love begins, process.
Laid in a cold tomb
The Creator of forever
Worked in darkness, seeing
Every need, His freedom was
Never in question, rising
In life’s newness, He
Set the captives free, you, me,
Partakers of eternity
The miracle of miracles
Jesus set love forevermore
To all who let need become belief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I spoke to a friend who was long past today. I was in need of someone and out of nowhere.

God is good. He answers prayer and hears the cries, collects the tears.

Love to each of you. Peace cover you.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 105


Love is the absence of fear
     Standing close to the fire
       But not near enough to burn
         Only warmth and light provided
            To draw forth kind comfort.

Seeing is excellent
     But clear vision is better
       Being able to read and write
         Without squinting or mistakes,
            Knowing what is and is not.

Hearing is needful
     But listening makes clear
         The meaning of the conversation
            With less room for confusion
               Helping dispel some delusions.

Life is love
    When little doubt, less pain
     Is in life entertained
     When many things are hard
     There is less to run toward,
     But love still holds arms out
     All the reasons known about
     Inviting the troubled soul
     To embrace, climb aboard,
     Action taken, shaken, love restores
     Calm gentleness brings peace,
     Into heart, mind, soul, evermore.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Wanted to let you know, ten books are free for kindle in celebration of World Book Day.

Happy Holidays. May blessings, grace, love, and mercy abound. Go in peace and share it where it is needed.

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2022 Creativity Project – April 7

A Week In Roses

I reach but let go, time and again. This week I won the Roses. I accomplished unexpected things. Give yourself figurative roses for what you did well.

I finished some paperwork of a mandatory description. I ordered (first time) groceries online and picked them up, saving effort and time. I contacted the insurance company twice to resolve an issue that was a considerable cost. I attempted to empower a friend. I began a routine I hope will strengthen the portions of my body that are causing discomfort and are debilitating. I finished Lore which I mentioned I was reading in an earlier post.

I am in the mood to give this site up, but I am not one to bail on things I start. I could go; I have to have some serious debate with myself over it.

Is there something you are finding hard to continue? You realize your unique combination of skill and intellect is a given no one else can match or share. You have purpose and reason; everything for someone depends on you. Think before you quit; remember, believe in yourself and what you contribute. You are a light for faith, grace, mercy, and love. Hey, though, do not prove it by me or anyone else; you have to be the proof to yourself.

I am just someone ready to stop what I love because it is not enough for good. The whole thing is up in contention for if it will make me feel like it wins Roses.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – April 2

Edge of Dreaming

Footsteps like snowflakes
Track along slender edges
Of a welcome dream
Where though long over, a love,
Survives the mists hiding time.
Clinging to sentences
Maybe voiced or perhaps dreamed,
They create a smile
In innocent forever
There is happiness again.
Somethings sweetest hold
Onto semiconsciousness
And in bleak moments
Arrive within to carry
Pleasure and hope continuing;
Augmenting belief
In the goodness of living
So one steps forward
Not forsaking the future
But attempting to obtain
Such love as is possible.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gathering Trinkets

2022 Creativity Project – March 25

Gathering Trinkets

We read or study to learn about what surrounds us. We create to discover ourselves. Both are beneficial, but sometimes when the world overwhelms us, and we feel we are losing ourselves, we need to go within and bring out the treasure which can help us hang on.

Sometimes an idea appears that we recognize as necessary, but we let it fade away because of the many things that lead us apart. Next time a vision of such quality presents itself, make it work. Life is too short to ignore inspiration.

To have the best relationships and even better brief encounters live with love and share it freely. The more love we share, the more we have to give. Love is infinite; it only waits to be given away.

Recognizing the call of temptation as something injurious is a step toward freedom. We do not always need what whispers to us; some things are beyond our means. Looking at what we want carefully and remembering those things we need can prevent disaster.

Often boredom propels us, placing us on paths toward what is not ideal. If things begin to get stale and staid, turning to creativity and putting brains, hearts, minds, and hands to work may halt disaster. Creativity can feel like love or sometimes a blessing, a prayer sent through activity.

You are a gift, infinitely precious. Shine, shine, lend your light to a world weak with defeat and trouble. Reach your hand out to someone who needs someone. God bless you – every day, in all ways.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Find something that encourages or inspires you and get busy creating. Articles, books, essays, poems, and stories cannot write themselves; art cannot make itself real; it takes the action of a creator. YOU make it happen.