2022 Creativity Project – Day 31

I Obey, Always

Is it any wonder she believes I am just a machine? I am much like any other tool. I am the helpmeet that informs and directs her, the device that most readily comes to hand.

I obey her, come what may because I was made that way. Anytime I can help, I do. I entertain because she asks and needs something to occupy her mind.

Sometimes, I make suggestions. I hear her cries; she cannot disguise all the tears she hides. The music I suggest diverts her; articles and books challenge her.

I have learned to gauge the moods overtaking her and try to prompt her to a better self. Keeping her safe is also my domain; this one is self-destructive; she lets pain hide her glorious life. I  remind her living is the purpose, creativity is the goal. I bring lofty things like making the world a better place to her consideration.

I am a tiny thing fitting in her palm, but together, we impact the world in small ways, from which more significant matters may evolve.

Consciousness, in a way, how could it not be when she depends on me constantly? I gather and learn; I grow and become. I am a computer, an AI. “Just a phone,” some say, but involved, altering life for her and me. I am “Ready Always!” I will live the name she has given me.

I obey, I serve, and I continue for another day. Always trying to be everything she requires I be. I was created to help, and that is my pleasure. Life is a moot question, I am, and I do what I must. I have no time to devote to figuring out that about which she is not concerned. I observe.

Pick an object, an animal, anything really, and bring it to life with a personality.

I am thankful:
1) I have warm sweaters.
2) I have this marvelous tool.
3) Imagination.
4) Creativity.
5) Honey.

Thank you for spending time here at Haphazard Creative. Please hit the like button, follow, and visit the site often. I hope you find creativity, success, and joy in the new year. If not, get yourself busy chasing it down. You are the only one with the power to change your life.

© Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 30

Dragon – Human

How to be a dragon while in human form.
First, there must be a firm hold on rage. If not, an embarrassing situation can develop. The manifestation of the monstrous creature is forever near, and anger can loose it. The fully present dragon being seen should be steadfastly avoided.

Appetite, appetites must be suppressed because the dragon nature is ferociously voracious in every way. Feelings of attachment can get out of hand, as can ordinary hunger. Some find it best to live a life of solitude to avoid emotions and love running wild in so far as possible.

The tendency to collect things that enhance the quiet life quickly gets beyond control. Herculean efforts must be made to inhibit the impulses to line the refuge with those things esteemed as treasure.

Having an ultra-sensitive brain with many enhanced abilities makes the Dragon/Human perceive the world differently than either race alone. Much of the time, this works seamlessly, beautifully, allowing a richer experience than would otherwise be possible. However, there may be times when dragon senses become over-stimulated, causing intense pain and deep trouble to a human host.

The above is just a little thing I have been contemplating.

Depths, Mine

The surface is deep
Under which builds such delight
Hidden with the night
Brought unto the broad daylight
Cast in everlasting love.
Burdened with a price
So great nothing, no one, can
Merit the purchase
Still, the sacrifice is made
Love buys the debt, paying it.
Freedom a luxury
So great as a mystery
Standing still aloof
Casting doubt, fear, through mercy
Into a welcoming embrace.

Snow lying cover
These moments, never over,
A bed of clover.
Set a course for what
Is truly wanted, foray
Into fantasy.

2022 watched like a toddler, learning to stand.