2022 Creativity Project – Day 3

Creative Transmutation

Nothing worthwhile is easy, but difficulties do not signal giving up. Our minds may attempt to convince us we cannot compete, finish, win, but even so, we cannot give in.

All good things must be nurtured, tended, grown with attention and positive intention. We are those who make a difference through our achievement or neglect.

Today, the challenge is to create even when there is nothing to display, though words like minnows when light is withdrawn – race away.

The power went off, but some light was ready. © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

We do not molder in the dark and allow life to fade. We prepare for times of shadow, arranging to have light enough to illuminate areas most common. The existence of consciousness is so rare that appreciation may best always be the default position.

Another year of untarnished days beckons, all wrapped in fancy, delighting with what will be. Living each moment fully, vanquishing regret, is creativity’s Love call. Making life a better hour than before is the goal. The competition is besting our yesterday and tendering ourselves to feel at ease, home.

Things we extend our strength to accomplish can become fuel for the future. We all belong and are enough as individuals. As groups, our power to save the world multiplies. We are stars, uplift, flame, we become the good we will, lightning still.

No brakes; finding what must be is the mission; everyone must search. No one needs permission to reach for more. All is to be, assured. The whole is sufficient to meet every need. Ask, receive! Eject fear, embrace belief!

Romans 8:28 – And we know all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.

If you have differences, please take what you can and pardon the rest. I do not intend to offend anyone; I believe in love for everyone. All are welcome here.

Close upon the skin
The who we live with, within,
A reliquary loved
For living life, to abide
Until all things become new.

1. The electricity was not out for more than two hours.
2. I have battery backups to help make storms less disruptive.
3. I completed 93 books last year.
4. Sometimes, the words show up if I am open.
5. The gift of the day and all the blessings it brings.

If you wish, act upon something above. By all means create, whatever excites you. In doing, we can hold entropy at bay. Chaos needs your help to release its claim.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 2

Starting and ending are easy, but the middle gives life to the story. The morass of details, building, deconstructing, together and apart, is where we find meaning for the first and last. As creators, we test ourselves and find the elements we are made from in the uncharted country that stretches infinite inside our boundaries.

Sometimes, the mistakes are where we learn the best and the most when we create. Never be afraid of failure or the line that goes awry. We can recover, but never beginning or stopping when things get difficult serves no one. Perfection is a myth; it can hold us prisoners; creation is the goal, and sometimes the process is messy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Writing can be bizarre. We work on one thing, then find parts and pieces, fit puzzle-like with our other work. Such was my experience today; it was like chunking ideas at a mind map.

Urgent Origin

Love sometimes silent
Makes one wily and wary;
Trust, a butterfly,
Some pick the brightly colored
Wings off and set them aflame.

Slaking emotion
Within a stranger desire,
Holding back the truth,
When unbeknownst, tears fall warm –
Milk curdled in noonday sun.

Some secrets have ways
Of bleeding out over time,
Leaving stains behind
Hard to cover in the mind
Or in person, once you find.

Everyday becomes
Barred captivity with no
Date set for release,
Creativity invents
Dialogues, reasons, endless.

Tears you comprehend
But cannot ever explain
To those who must pry
Into the brown-paper wrapped
Packages under bleary eyes.

Who knows the flashes
Of memory making you?
Is your life managed
In black boxes mentally?
Can anyone explain fear?

When you smile, statements,
Does someone care, understand?
Years play melodies
Like guitars, dice, ivory –
Peddle pleasures, distant names.

No pictures remain
Glass burst, broken, twisted frames;
To travel back, no,
Claims upon the shattered heart
Too costly to rearrange.

Winners rode away
Without regret meant to say –
Drowning in bottles
Forsaking the meaning – Love –
Ravens, dark dirges – black sing.

Still, shrill the ailing,
Lonely wails, no one listens,
The darkness alone
Harbors shadows whoever
It was and somehow might be.

Castaway – leave shore,
Dump boxes full of shame, woe,
Let bad temper go,
Find the self anew, made free
Voyage into what agrees.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As you work, see how you handle middles. Do you have beginnings and endings within them? Create inside, but aside your boundaries. Share your experience if you wish.

I am thankful:
1. Today, I had an opportunity to talk to my son, Alex.
2. The weather may become colder again.
3. I created a lot today.
4. I can determine how I employ my creativity.
5. Life is like origami; every fold adds value to the whole.

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2022 Creativity Project Day 1

The ever Beautiful Miss Wookie has wondrous monstrous designs on 2022! She and I wish you worlds of blessings in the New Year!

©Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

There is a pause to
Breathe before hurry begins,
Listen to the wind;
Restless relentless beating
Of a heart, like waves breaking.

A lot has been, but focusing behind can be a liability. This year beckons in a new gown with a bright face, crowned without tarnish. Embracing new endeavors with hope, joy, and wonder can allow opportunity and possibility. Adventure exists; seeking it is the challenge.

This is post one of 365 days. Join me here, at the inception, and we will go wherever the leading takes us.

Gratitude List
I am Thankful:

1. Holidays were spent with family.
2. My son and I remain close.
3. I have friends on whom I can depend for support.
4. I have creative avenues in which to invest.
5. I am still standing, despite it all, still standing. Onward, heed the call.


Survey the past, let anything negative go best you can, or at least for the moment. Imagine what you want the future to be and create from there. Should there be goals you are ready to hold, enumerate those if you wish.


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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As most of you may know, I lost my Mom several years ago after being her full-time caregiver for some years.

We both collected cups, although Mom had an altogether more impressive cache having had more money to spend.

We were active in CBC as long as she could go without danger or humiliation. In the singles group, I met Bernice, but she soon became a treasured friend of us both. She gave my Mom the cup above, which is by far one of the most unique I have seen.

This work of art was stored in a curio cabinet in the common area. A few weeks ago, as I was walking my circle through the house, I heard the beginning of a crash.

I was right beside the cabinet on my path, and an assortment of glass, ceramic, and china things Mom collected and painted fell out on the floor. The stud that held the shelf let go and tilted so that with the accumulated weight, the door opened, and much tumbled out to shatter.

The unique cup Bernice gifted Mom was not on that shelf, thankfully. I have been moving it around the house, hoping to keep it safe.

I was crushed that several figures Mom painted after I taught her how to help with her tremors were destroyed. I hope there are no such future occurrences.

I think this cup is so unusual; I thought I would share.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Now and Then

When looking over your year, be sure to give yourself credit for any accomplishment. 2021 may have been much more fraught with difficulty than the average year.

Going into 2022, if you set goals, be gentle with yourself. Have a baseline with a fallback plan. You may want to set ambitious goals, but only with alternates.

If your schedule increases with less free time, do not overfill your leisure with personal projects. Rest and recreation are crucial to well-being.

Do you have research to do? Try to include this requirement within your reading goal. Take notes to leverage in creative work. Wherever you are, take pictures that may lead to innovative developments. Try to make your life a multi-use platform.

Find ways to share your endeavors with a broader audience. The world is a smaller place than in the past, but sometimes there seems to be distance between us. Any way you can find for real-world personal exchange, do it. We still need face-to-face contact. Of course, take necessary health precautions, and if video conferencing seems better, you call the shots.

Be open to new things and new methods and tools to do familiar tasks. There are so many ways to bridge the problem gaps. If need be, ask others online how they solved a similar conundrum.

Share your expertise when you can. Learning from one another is still an excellent way to overcome the fear of failure and unwillingness to jump into taxing possibilities.

If it appeals to you, keep a gratitude journal. This tends to make you more aware of your blessings. You may especially find it suitable to trace the hopes and dreams coming true for you.

Ah, I hope your new year brings you closer to your cherished position, currently only a dream.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have not fully decided, but a new Creativity Project seems to appeal to me. Stay informed, check back for updates and planned details.