Heavenly Day

“Do you mean
These words that
You say?”
‘Heavenly Day’
“Well, yeah
In a way,
I mean it
Can or cannot
“Then why?”
“Because God
Is near,
Always here,
Watching over
Wills and ways;
He pitches in
To help me
Carry on
When I fall
Off to the side,
He abides.”
“How do you
Know He cares?”
“The Bible
Says so,
And I have
It happening so,
I believe,
It is the truth
In which I grow.”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Becoming Better Able

You may have forgotten, but remember now, dear, you are a blessing. No matter what words were said to, over you, or what actions were taken, you are precious, loved, and have a unique purpose. God set you in place to accomplish things only you can do. Every moment has prepared you for this time.

Be open, be ready because opportunities are inbound, and you must become the pilot. There may be agonies, doubts, and fears, but no one lives with trials forever. Suffering is preparation, building strength and determination. Often heartache and heartbreak teach gentleness and kindness. Empathy is born in pain.

Understanding is a gracious gift given to those who survive hardship. When you have temptations and tribulations, you can remain steadfast in prayer for the Lord Jesus will be your guiding strength, and after the storms pass, blessings will arrive. Mercy and grace be with you all your life, and the Lord keep you always.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Lost, Under A Chemical Sun

They told the parents everything was a loss, but they refused to give up. They started a prayer chain, hoping the sleeper would not get deeper lost.

Still here, woken up, but there was a cost. Broken, missing pieces, but knowing greater than doctors thought.

Miracles, they happen, more often than not.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Have Laundry?

Life is not laundry –
We cannot throw parts inside
A machine and wash
Away the blood, dirt, and ink
The strains are deep stains and keep.

We can play music
Try to soothe our tortured souls
But hurt, pain never
Leave without doubts uncontrolled –
Yesterday sings, ever bold.

Writing the story
We may find partial relief
But we may become
Such characters we did not
Foresee ourselves/differently.

Poetry is fine
If we have time to create
A fortunate line,
But it may wad us into
Waste sheets in stone bins, my friends.

Live time, forever,
Make it the very best show
Play it all for real
Let others surely know all
The love which our hearts hold inside.

Be, love, give, listen,
See everything positively
Life, love are enough
Go all in, never give up,
Let show, make evident, love.

Life is not laundry –
But our lives can be redeemed
By the Lord Jesus Christ
We can find grace and be cleaned
We can live by faith, be free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


When it all goes wrong and you are tired of the fight. When the world seems dark like a moonless night. When you feel lost, far from the light. Hold on, do not give in or give up.

In those moments when you barely stand, when doubt and fear clasp your hands, have courage. You are not forgotten; remember, you are begotten of Love.

The things you struggle with are seen by the Savior by whom you are redeemed. Take all your trouble, place it with Jesus; His mercy and grace are sufficient for every need. Through Christ, you are made an overcomer, latch on to His promise with faith and prayer. Let the Lord relieve your cares.

© Jo Ann J. A.Jordan

When I write on my phone line breaks do not work. Therefore I give you a prose poem.