Haiku – Five

The sun rises warm
As the tenderest embrace,
Lighting love shared sweet.

Swift flows the current
Of true love’s passion unleashed,
Crows waiting on wire.

The book, when borrowed,
Does not have fullest effect,
Mountains soar abroad.

What is seen is not
The most of all, everything,
Oceans fully course.

Waves sweep over sand
Wearing away hardest rock,
Singing never stops.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Set List

The first kiss is a high note
Set wild free without a score;
The wonder, will it lead
To more?

Losing the icing, romance,
Makes havoc of the dance
Which might have last forever,
Recovered never.

Years stretch, a desert highway,
Alone, tuneless, stranded to stay,
But living rapt with delicious dreams –
Love seems.

Somewhere in the moonless darkness
Comes hand holding hand – happiness,
A kiss unfurling ribbons, magic
Perfect pick.

Make it all delightful song, played long
On strings tuned always to belong
In hearts recalling empty years
Banishing fears.

Life is love; love is all
Sharing the self becomes a fall
Opening being, answering the call –
Giving all.

Keeping a love long alive
Bestows health, hearts survive
The harmony, a kiss, not to be missed
Creating bliss.

Abandon the score
There is more,
Open every possibility, door,
Love evermore!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

These Particulars

The chasm between
Depression and living
Can be a world
Every heartbeat
Measures a step
Forward or behind.
Is no catching up
Only characters speaking
Lines unrehearsed;
Borrowed from clowns
Who laugh upon call
Of immense misfortune.
The stars wield
Bright, unfiltered light
Yet denied sight, hope
Naked, lost, love departed,
But reaching again
Capturing through will
To rearrange depression
Reclaim hope, dreams,
Love, in particular, completion.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Pick an emotional state you are dealing with and create something focused on your feelings and actions.

Simply Math

The sum comes after
An equation of tears, laughter
Brought to life despite
Ravenous shadows swallowing light
Where theorems invade aimless days
Unknowing destinations carried ways
Changes tempting, taking, come
Lead adding, subtracting, become
Total in language, lines, words
Creating was, is, shall be – LOVE, worlds.

The sum remembered
Passion igniting embers, love rendered
Beyond precious, incalculable treasure
Living plus/minus time, decanting pleasure
Hearts collect hearts with compelling voices
Of complex completions, inevitable choices
Each life, every: when, where, why, how,
Compiling decorated dreams now, somehow,
Reaching beyond obscuring variables
Roaring lion-like – truths invaluable.

Steps appropriate, each solution, not mistaken
Life enlightens with overwhelming LOVE, unshaken.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Think of a subject’s or occupational jargon and let it influence your work in some way.


Trust is a type of mystery
Difficult to find within a destiny,
But sometimes two hands touch
Hesitant hearts discover so much
Bringing to bear the yielding present
Seeming almost a dream, heaven-sent.
When tears fall like a symphony
Remember, love often comes fast and free
All searches lead to a swift conclusion
Dispelling every confusing illusion
When pathways lead side by side
Different worlds share an atmosphere, combine.
Lives come fully aware, completely alive,
Willingly life becomes a sweet ride;
Never give up hope for a forever love
Even while stranded, desperate, forlorn, alone
The blessing unseen awaits the time
When passion launches action prime.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

A prompt, find something with meaning and lead others to it through your creation.