Have Courage

The fight, it rages
For love to endure.
Be brave; the victory is
Why you are here.
No one can take
Your heart
It may break.
You are strong, hold on.
Defy the storm, or be it,
Whatever you see fit.
Be bold,
Live confidently.
Go on, try,
You can climb
The currents of sky.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Fear is a huge stumbling block for me. It takes my knees out often, so I cannot finish things I start or begin stuff I might be equipped to do. The Bible often exhorts us to have no fear. God provides. I guess it says it so frequently because God knows we are eaten up with doubts, worry, anxiety, fear. “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Unfortunately, I am plagued by the specter.

What do you fear? Can you look your fear straight on and aver it will not overcome you? Those could work as a prompt.

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Seven-Fourteen, Always

I ain’t playing silly games
Running around, outside the flames,
I square my heart inside the fire
Committing LOVE, not plain desire.
All I want is – all of you
I will give my best to make it true,
Who knows, our events may align
Becoming better occasions over time.
My LOVE is full, given free
With hope, it will return to me,
I do not intend to steal
For what is taken seldom proves real.
Come closer now, let us see
If the sparks will flare and us be.
Sweet, dear, kind, bright star-shine,
Will you come near and be mine?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is a song, well, would be. I am too afraid to sing. Anyway, I had to leave my walking circle and hurry to my journal. I lost a line. I had five. I added four on the computer.

Do any of you care about the creative process as I experience it? I do not know. I always find notes about how things were made enlightening.

I had an eclectic set playing before. Jumping all over genres. While I was composing and finishing in the bedroom, there was no music.

I wish I were brave! Please, always be brave!

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I would usually put a pretty picture here because posts with images… Photoshop crashed because something is up with the hard-drive handler. I want to post an hour ago. No pic peeps, sorry.


At times a warm hug
Is a thing dearly needed
When the moth of fear
Eats at the fraying fabric
Of a too delicate life.
Doubt does not only
Live, within times of defeat
But in the between
Moments of brilliant success,
Mortifying in its cause.
When the door is just
Half-open, the crow loud caws
A whisper-snick is
Enough to rabbit away
All twitchy, knowing panic.
Dreams nurtured in arms
Roundabout, wrapping body
Some success calling
With kind assurance enough
To face whatever sequence.
Community calls
We, human creatures, wanting
Safety, confidence,
Significance, love, success,
Gifts of Creativity,
Expressed in society.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.05 Fireman Boots rr

I was asked who the
Heroes were, I took a moment,
“I don’t know their names,
But many of them wore boots!”


Can We?

2020.07.04 Wagon in Snow Illustration rr

Can we give whole, a heart,
When our heart lies broken,
Shackled, shattered, torn?
Can we be free, when society
Enslaves us with cares, delusions,
Demands, restrictions, rules?
Can we love with full commitment;
When lovers stand shadows every eve,
Thick blood still pouring from internal wounds?
We can, we must, because we need
The reprieve we find through one another.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just a heads up for those who may wonder, all the writing, artwork, photography, commentary, prompts, you find on Haphazard Creative is my creation. I may not always mark it, but still, it is mine.

If you need a prompt, see what you might derive from the above photo. That is a Radio Flyer from some years ago. Today I wish it would snow. Summer pains me. Anyway, get yourself out of the way and create something. Creation is an act of personal transformation and just possibly salvation from despair and dissolution.

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What May Be

There is a complexity
A complication though free
To love’s grande intricacy.
Appearance, availability,
Costs, mood, place, state, time,
Almost everything must align
For romance, and still a variable
Unrecognized at the first
Might unbalance the combination
Causing the love affair to fail.

Sometimes though a voice heard,
Eyes meeting across a room,
An accidental melding of minds,
And the magic happens
Making some people say,
“Love is a fool and blind.”

Now, ever how you find it
Make yourself the time
To allow your heart the reins
Your mind to feel its pleasure,
For surely it is worth some trouble
To entertain the sublime;
A love that makes you happy
And a little crazy sometimes.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.04 Carousel Horses rr

What do you have to say about love, do you see it all rosy, or contentious? As a prompt, explore your thoughts and feelings and create something how you will.

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