Tiny Tidy Bits

Sadness – written in
Shades of shadow, black and gray,
No way to escape


The music plays, songs
To lift weary hearts, giving
Hope enough to live.


Profuse the lilies
Blooms coloring everything
With smiles, happiness.


Borrow the chatter
Of the squirrels chasing round
A filled bird feeder,
You might find greater delight
Than sitting alone tonight.


Someone left the doors –
Wide-open to delight my heart,
Love, smooth, sauntered in.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

These are my brand of haiku and tanka. I always have fun with counted syllables. Sometimes, the truth will take a chunk out of you when you work with these because being constrained seems to give the mind some ease with content.

Prompt: If you feel inclined, write some haiku and tanka of your own.

My appointment on Monday went exceptionally well.
I am reading some great books.
I went to Aldi and got some food.
Having my little piece of real estate on the internet.
I keep trying even when I am discouraged.

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Have an excellent downhill slide to the weekend. God bless and keep you always.

Counted Syllabics

Knowledge is, is not
Secure enough for full trust,
Hidden remains, much.


Strange, strange, and stranger
The games we all join and play
To avoid boredom.


Finding it again
An unlikely happening
Still, we keep dreaming.


There exist moments
Of which none possess knowledge
Even those present.


Where did we find it?
How were we bound around it?
Why does it exist?
Though it guards it jealously –
Perhaps love knows the answer.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: I played with Haiku and a Tanka here. Should you wish, do some of your own.

After days of shortage, I finally slept.
The gift of writing.
The gift of reading.
The presence of my dogs.
The luxury of time alone.

Be New

The past is a melody,
No longer known;
The words are gone
Lost in yesterdays.
The love carried
Lives within fond hearts,
But pains have no part,
In future choices made.
Free to be today
Who exists this moment;
No living in fear, shame
Of the hurt, mistakes before.
The gift of creativity
Changes the things
Learned through faith
Into treasures carried on.
Love builds up beauty,
More than ever dreamed,
Freeing hearts to reach
Sudden aspirations and truths.
The broken, stolen things
Fade away as strengths gain
Each, every day, in all ways.
Better than before,
The best is wholly possible,
Because the things ended
Were in depths laid to rest,
Forward, pass, conquer the test.
The past is a song
Others may continue
But it no longer defines
Who a person becomes.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The taste of what may
Come to be, draws the farmer –
To plant, tend, the seed.

Prompt: If you write in the personal particular, take one of those works and turn it global, so it applies to others.

Today was a mostly quiet day.
I found a new channel on YouTube Music.
I woke from my horrid dream and finally calmed down.

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The Well, Prepared

Situation Playcation – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Writing is the thing that teaches us to understand the experience we cannot command or comprehend. Living is a riot, constant impressions, wild digressions, unbanished obsessions, mythic approximations, and passionate exhibitions.

Love is real, no poetic fairytale; it sometimes bites with destructive force. There are other times it breathes life back into a being near become a cold, bloodless corpse. Heedless, love carries headless need into ages where hearts aflame assuage the blame for falling again.

When what you most want
Remains beyond ability
You become adept
To fulfill some hopes and dreams.

I am not ideal
But being real is enough
For those loving me.

I have discovered
The wild child passionate self
Does exist still.

I could sing you blue,
Golden, or bright rainbow hues;
I would disappear
In the arrangement of notes,
Unrecognized within you.

Love plays, tackling us,
In fields where flowers obey
Injunctions to fade;
We are colors resisting
What makes delight history.

Prompt: Create something showing how writing or art rescue from the forgetfulness of greedy insanity.

No television to distract.

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Journal Sparkles

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Only compare yourself to yesterday’s you, but try to determine a significant change in who you are. Create something that expresses your journey.

Always Thankful:
My lap desk arrived.
I was able to work more smoothly.
I scavenged around and found the correct part to repair MIGHTIER.
I vacuumed and swept the house.
I waste no lessons, though some wreck havoc.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan