Swatches From Ever

Each of these independently plays upon my sense of creativity—figments captive of imagination.

The color, roses
Tinting eggshells of blue, sky;
My feeling for you.

No one walks the sands,
Without gathering some dust,
Moments slide away.

Your face a window
Open to the breeze, captures
Your essential truth.

Wandering away
From who we used to be is
Our identity.

“Can I get you anything?”
“No, no, not really!”
All the while, I entertain
The dream of you taking me –
So I can give myself
Away with no reservations.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Journals are exercise, keeping imagination fit for bigger things. No holes barred, no trapeze, why have a net? I have shared journal pages a lot over the years. It does not intimidate me, revealing creativity in the raw.

I know the hype is you should keep journals locked away, but I attempt to be as real and open as possible when I share work. If you do not use a journal, I recommend it highly for increasing your output. You may share or not, as so pleases you.

The composition book I am now using has dots instead of lines. I am unused to this. It may take a bit for my handwriting to catch up.

Being back home is somewhat lonely, but the dogs like it.

Entry 38 for September. I am shocked by how much I have worked this year. Committing to an entry per day or more has given me a structural framework. I recommend 365 projects. I have done them before. Mine – I call a Creativity Project, but if you begin, name it as you like.

As a prompt, consider your creative goals. Are you taking action to achieve them? Do you have a purpose in mind? Create something that affirms your efforts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Thank you for spending time with me. I hope you found encouragement and inspiration. If you like, you may follow the site or come back as you like. I am working here daily. There is always something new.

Snatches of Aether

Not falling apart,
Falling into His purpose –
Embraced in His grace.


This time the magic
Slithers further away, each,
Every day, we try
To grasp the LOVE anyway,
Before life disintegrates.
At times a smile gives
A way to brighten all who
Fall beneath the pall
Of crushing conditions, which
Refuse to e v a p o r a t e;
Others compel us
To wait for circumstances
Improving with hope,
Often finding our dreams ran
Off with water down storm drains.

When you notice me
I realize my fears lie
Love knows where I am;
You hug me close, hope balloons
Cruising past the clouds in love.

Desperation here
Howling with coyote wind
Sweeping up the dust
Of moments we failed to trust,
It shivers cold over us.

The goldfish google –
Eyed reminds us of ages
Sweetest innocence.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Late Entry

Adventures with my fountain pen continue. It came apart again, and I could not get the nib out of the lid. I got some help, and it now works for the time being—what an experience.

Do you use tools that complicate creative endeavors? Do you have a story?

Haiku, anyone? Write some. Here are two of mine.

Dreams begging to come
True, all depend on you, me,
To make them our own.

What we most desire
Is never beyond our reach
If we chase it down.

I have a few prompts that maybe will get you primed for creation:

If you were warned about 2020 in 2019 or before, what would you have done differently?

If fire threatens your home, which ten items would you most want to take with you, your family, and pets? Someone I asked said ten rooms, which is extremely clever. I meant items.

If you are in the US, what is your plan if those you wish to win the election do win? If not?

I am trying to focus on creativity a bit more; I hope that it is attractive and encourages you to work.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan